Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well Guys I'm back sorry I did post more about the film here's one last pic um yes that I'm having trouble getting off my phone...... for some that is just sadly fitting. well I'll try and put it up late :)
Thank you everyone who sent me things from the Gamenight I was so much fun have a little peace of home to open everyday. Ok I have a crazy story out the crazy glue I hadn't used it much yet  becous it was so had to get it to come out so in the middle of shooting the ball seen when a girl from the wardrobe department comes up and asks if I have any glue well I happen to have the crazy glue in my pocket so tell her I do.... and being the nice guys I am asked if she needed any help well It turns out she was gluing the lead girls neckless to gether the one they needed to shoot with in like 20 minuets. So we glued to together held it in place and pealed our fingers off it with time to spare. now when I was trying to get the glue to come out I had to cut the tip off to get it to come out fast enuff but when we finished the lid went back on  smoothly and covered the hole fine so I wasn't wored about it well later when I tried to get the lid off well I heard a little crack well deciding to deal with it later I put it back in to my pocket mistake one and left my hand in the pocket mistake two and then for some reason something in my mind said why don't you take your hand out of there and well lets just say it was reluctant to leave the glues embrace but I got it out after a little bit and It could have BEEN WAY wores well I'll look for word to seeing you all in person farewell for now

                                                                                                                     Rennuke Atrowis 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


OK guys thay told me I can tell you for the last main roil they got JRD
you've probobly sean him....... In indana jones..... of Lord of the Rings ....... or lots of other things.

So thought I tell you all!