Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 1: The Phantom Menace

 "When you hook up an EEG scanner (a machine that scans brain waves) to a plate of lime jello, the kind made with real lime, it will give off an exact duplicate of a human's brain signal." 
                                                                                                           Science Professor

Well okay, it wasn't Darth Maul chasing me around campus, but I was being haunted by something all  this week, irony. YES! IRONY! But, before I get to the ironic bit of my life or the lime jello factoid, I believe it would be good to get some basic parameters and introduction in.

Hi, I am a college student. We collegiate people find ourselves flocked with much over the week; What with classes, homework, and so forth. So much of what I will write on these weeks will specifically be geared to what happened in college. I say this so that (1) I don't write a seventy page novel every Friday, and (2) I don't happen to offend someone by them thinking that they weren't noteworthy enough to be put in my little episodes (believe me this will be a blessing for all who know me). This will hopefully be an enlightening little overview of my perplexing little life.

(all content in these insane ramblings are true to the best knowledge of the author. The author will not be held liable for any stupidity/hilarity that may be recorded. Furthermore, the author reserves the right to not post everything that happens at school as no one wants to hear about my lunch....except that it was good....very good. Further-furthermore, the author also wishes to say that identities will be protected in case a professor or colleague some day googles me for a job interview and comes up with this. Further-further-furthermore, the author retains the right to laziness and a life, which may be the reason he doesn't post. Thank you......)

Well, This semester I am taking five classes (15 credit hours a week) this includes two 200 level history courses (Renaissance and Far East Asia), one 100 level history course (US history II), one 100 level economics course (Macroeconomics), and one honors seminar (thinking like a scientist). I would like to share a brief critics review of each one with you.

Renaissance Europe: THIS IS MY FAVORITE!! ahem.... History is kinda why I am going to college. So, now that I have finished most of the basic courses, I can finally stop sleeping and actually sink my teeth into the sweet, juicy, delectable tid-bits of deep history. (sorry for salivating) I plan on devouring this course, and it being on the renaissance means that there will be plenty to devour. I have already had a truly fascinating little discovery about the renaissance that kind of made me stop and go "hmmmmm". It helps that the Professor, while I might feel like grinding my teeth at certain times, truly seems knowledgeable on the subject. He at least doesn't tolerate know-it-all kids who feel like it is their right to reiterate to the rest of us what the professor said five minutes before. (here is some of that irony....I have had a kid just like that with the same name in my past two semesters. Not the same kid. It is always a different one, but they always feel the need to vomit all their "superior" knowledge across the class.....I hate irony.)

Far East Asia: THIS IS MY SECOND FAVORITE!! ahem.... History is kinda why I am going to college. So, now that I have finished most of the ba..oops did that already. yeah see above. Except without the ironic know-it-all kid, but we do have an entire classroom full of students who have no idea why they took this class except that they saw the Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. [That being an awesome movie all the same. I love Japan (pre and post WW2 that is)]

US History II: meh, easy 100 level course. 45% of your grade is just showing up, raising your hand, and doing quizzes that aren't even graded. Professor is decent though, but you can tell she is bored.

Macroeconomics: THIS IS MY THIRD FAVORITE!! Yes! This isn't history. It is in fact economics, but I can't tell you how great it has been learning about a field of study where my professors, and I actually see the same reality. Who knew that economists, even in Liberal institutions, acknowledge, what conservatives have been saying! They teach these ten principles that I can just nod my head with. (well with one or two reservations, but still 7/10 is amazing). So far, I have only had one disagreement with what my econ profs have said! ONE in a week! That is unprecedented. I have begun looking how I can apply economics to daily life. Wheeeeee. who knew learinging could actually be fun? Now I simply need to get over all that math stuff. yuck. (oh well take the good with the bad)

Science: This class will be an interesting challenge. It is very open ended, and I am being cautiously optimistic, but anything with "science" automatically gives me shivers. The prof has been good so far. That little tid bit about lime jello at the top came from him. If he gives me any hassle, I can always say, "I am thinking like a scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. You know that Christian that basically carved science for a few hundred years." Oh! and we all had to tell a unique story about ourselves. Highlight of storytime: A girl got her dead grandfather's treasure box, and it turned out to be filled with glass eyes he had found while he was a paratrooper in Germany. She was wearing her grandfather's glass eye on a necklace.

General: I am optimistic for this semester. Although I realize it will most likely plummet. (There is that realism coming up from underneath the bed again.)

Irony: I manage to get higher classes, but the general IQ doesn't seem to be rising.
I can't escape know it alls. (may be God is trying to tell me something.)
I get sat behind and in front of a Jacob Smith in one class, and a Tim Reed in another.

That has been my week. I don't know if the next one will be like this or maybe a bit more academic. It will be something to play around with.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 0: My, my, I am going to try and be ambitious.

Well, hello from a long and lazy absence.

I have hearkened forth from my exile (imposed by the business of life and my own apathy) to hopefully do something interesting. I am planning to try and keep a journal/diary/compilation-of-crazy of the things that I am doing this semester (wow! that sounds kinda like....well....a blog!).
Hopefully, it will be updated every week on the weekend. However, this may or may not work out depending once again on life and my own get-up-and-go. Keep your fingers crossed. We shall see if this works out. It may be studious. It may be funny. But, I hope that it will never be boring.

P.S: Week Zero has been interesting with snippets of a new dog and poison Ivy

P.S.S: Wish me luck tomorrow! "To my prospects among the Fredoniacs, (my own word for maniacal college goers.)" SALUTE!

viventibus vita sanctorum

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Now why doesn't this surprises me ?

Me " what are we having for dinner ? " Sister " Hamburgers." Me "um we're out of bread what are we eating them on?" Her "Tomatoes."