Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Battle Arena

Welcome to the place of verbal assaults. Choose your target and fire without mercy. Yes this thread will be moderated, but, all is fair in love and war. (Or so the saying goes) As a result of this, you are solely Responsible for your own bomb's, missiles, lasers, and any crossfire because of poorly thought out strategy. The Referees will not and cannot be held responsible for your actions. We have provided A link above for your convenience so all you have to do is click the link to be redirected to the Arena.

Let The Battles Begin.

P.S. This has also turned into a general discussion thread.
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  1. Well to prime the pump as it were thank you "Twye" for giving us a move prefect method to waste time:)

  2. Out of curiosity of the people who are Followers of this blog how many of you actually read it?

  3. I am insulted Rennuke.I religiously follow the threads of this illustrious Blog.

  4. Hay Man, you know I have been with this blog since the start. I was just getting tired of having to hit the (Older Post) link to look for A thread that said (Bushido V.S. Chivalry) to find that only the first few comments where actually pertaining to the title. And as soon as this thread gets overly full I will find a way to compress it further. And I may not be the best at historical facts but I can follow what you are talking about and comment on the info given. And between You and I. I think that one of the reasons we have half the amount of followers we do is for the funny comments back and forth between people on that one thread. And three fourths of the followers have not commented at all. That's not to say people aren't welcome to read the historic research posted here. Comment if you want and if you don't then don't. but at least this will give people something to have fun with between historic discussions :)
    So If this is not something you think you want than just say the word and I shall remove it, or you can remove it.

  5. Historic discussions, Twilight Shadow? I've never heard one of those before. :)

  6. I have a question. Was "The Battle Arena" supposed to take us to a different page when clicked?

    And another question: Rennuke, this blog was pretty much started so that you and Gryphon and the other boys could discuss historical things. Would you prefer that it stayed like that, without others (like me) commenting on the historical posts? Or are you soliciting comments on the historical posts?

    (good idea on starting this second thread, btw!)

  7. The original Idea for The Metis was to have a pool of wisdom and knowledge not discuss history specifically so I don't mind if you post about any old thing on this thread but I'd appreciate it if you staid on subject on the other ones , that's the only problem I had on the other thread. Like Twye said a long time ago, I just enforced it. By the way if you were interested in the blog you should spend some time looking at the Roman Forum.

  8. The Reason I put "The Battle Arena" as a link on the side so that when this thread gets pushed into the past archives you all can still click the link instead of having to find the arena in old threads.

    @ Erika: lol!! That was funny! :) The reason nothing happened when you clicked the link was because it leads right back here so its easy to get to in the future :)

    Posting "any old thing" is really the reason I made this thread. I just named It The Battle Arena in light of the fact that we seem to enjoy poking fun at each other.

  9. Rennuke: so basically it's just randomness and getting off topic that you don't like. Duly noted. Does this mean you're mad at me for being random and off topic on your other post?

    Twilight Shadow AKA Mr. Tech Support Dude: Glad to bring amusement into your life. Even though that's what Gryphon is for. But I'm still perplexed...Bear with me as I ask another dumb question: since The Battle Arena is just a link to the home page, once you guys post like 5 more times, it'll be on page two again. Is there any way to link specifically to this post? Or am I totally missing something very obvious? My poor brain...you can laugh at it...it's getting overloaded with all the research I've been doing for this [interesting/long/confusing/] paper that's luckily not due for a very long time. Or at least that's my excuse. :P

  10. I may not be AKA Mr. Tech Support Dude,but I think I can answer this one Erika............
    really ready?
    OKAY!The link (Battle Arena) is connected to this post.But since this post is the latest post,whenever you click the link, the browser goes to the top of the forum;making it seem as though it goes to the "home".I know it is not as technical sounding as if Twilight Shadow,(there is no way I am writing his surname again!)but I hope this puts too ease your poor,poor,poor,poor brain:)(LOL)Speaking of your brain,what is the paper about?Perhaps something that we(Rennuke and I)could have fun with?(By the way,Do not worry I would not laugh at your poor brain when my own is it's present state of dumbness.)
    I am almost envious of Erika taking my place of Blog Jester......Guys?!(sniffs)You would never replace me would you?
    Now question?Annetta,you do not consider the previous posts on the metis "historic"?.....Well whether you do or do not,something tells me the Battle Arena is going to be TRULY historic.(or were you just poking fun at the 6 foot tech support giant.If you were that is okay by me.But I would not be much use defending you if he really did take offense:)
    I hope this "inordinate"(that is a fun word:)comment cleared up any confusion.
    Well I should end this post with a tech joke,here goes: There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who do not..........................

    Okay I will let Twilight Tech deal with that one:)

  11. @Erika: Please forgive me. It was never my intention to make anyone feel less intelligent. When I read the comment I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. I am puzzled as when I click the link from the front page it brings me to the comments like its supposed to. What browser are you using? If you would amuse me once more try going to the front page and clicking the link again and if it still refuses to work for you then let me know.

    @Gryphon: you will never be replaced by anyone as you have a nack for making the Administrators Laugh. So your position is secure :)

    AND LOL!!!! That was A good joke!
    .........What....the rest of you don't get it?
    Really -_-?
    Well Let me know if I should explain it some time, or, you can Google " Binary "

  12. Well, I don't really read much of your articles/posts. :) :)

  13. Twilight Shadow: IT WORKED!! yay. And no worries...I didn't think you would intentionally laugh at me and then tell me about it :)

    Gryphon, your job is definitely safe as Blog Jester. You're way more funny than I am even when I've consumed a lot of sugar. Inordinate is a fun word :) And I got your binary joke...I learned binary. Twice. And I've forgotten binary twice. But I remember enough to know that 10 must be 2 translated. My paper? I'm not sure you'd be able to find much amusing there...it's about the controversy over sensory processing disorder (its definitions, causes, and official recognition) and how it relates to occupational therapy. A mouthful, yes. But anything amusing you can come up with will be read with great joy because I'm finding a definite lack of funny material.

  14. Gryphon, yes, I was just poking fun at Twilight Shadow. Only he ignored it. *deflates* :( You're right though, it would be dangerous to make him mad....

    Oh, I looked up Tim Hawkins. (Be proud of me.) He's hilarious!

    Erika, how can you possibly lack for funny material? Fine....knock knock. Who's there? (That part is you.)(This part is me.) Banana. Ad infinitum. (Laughing yet?):P

    I have only heard that one 999,999,999 times!(and it is STILL funny!Maybe it is just me, but I never tire of the classics.)It is deflating,though,when someone ignores your jab.I mean you put your heart and soul into making a decent taunt and they just ignore you!(Shame on you Twilight Shadow!)
    I am afraid,Erika,that I am at a loss when it comes to this topic.(Mental health and I do not get together much,as anyone who listens to me can guess:)But I think that you have the sympathy of the Metis bloggers.
    But,I am glad that my job as Blog Jester is secure.It may not pay,but it has great benefits:Life insurance for when one of my friends decide to strangle that annoying background noise,Health Insurance that is great if I ever get run over by a punch-bug...in Kazakhstan....in december.....while I am jogging at EXACTLY two miles per hour....in blue sandals,(yup!if that happens I am definitely covered!)and of course I get the joy of knowing that my life's work benefits the whole of humanity in not one little bit:)(My life in a nutshell:)I am just wondering now,do I get a really cool title or something?like the "Jesterernator" or something?Thoughts?
    While we are waiting for the flood of awesome names that describe my occupation in flattering ways,I would like to address a subject that has me troubled.(Do not worry I am not going to start talking about the National Tissue Paper Crisis.Although it is a real problem people!Wake up!)It is your post Rachel.I have a question about it.Whose posts do you not read?Mine?(why not? besides that they will boor the brains out of your skull?)or just the Metis' in general?Which ever it is feel free to comment on the Battle Arena.
    (On a different subject.)Viva La Tim Hawkins!He is easily the funniest guy I have EVER heard!(and for the perfect picture of sobriety that I am,that is quite an admission!)Trust me people if you have not looked up Tim Hawkins on the internet you are missing it!

    Anyway I better end this "inordinate" post before it delves into a "monotonous litany of wastrel verbalization".(How is That for a fun word!:)

  16. Sorry about that Annetta. I get tunnel vision when I have a tech problem And\or question staring me in the face. (Shrugs) Can't be helped. But even if my anger is not to be sought after. I usually have a high bandwidth for being poked before I overload and cause someone eXtreme discomfort to ease the server load :]

  17. And Gryphon, "Ciao?"
    Yes I know its Italian. And yes I know its like a greeting or goodby, but, did you know it's derived from the word "sciào vostro?"
    Literally meaning "I am your slave?"
    " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ciao "
    Nice to know :) :) :)

  18. Gryphon,you are truly unique. And jester is just one of the many names that I could possibly come up with for you,but since this is a public place I'll keep things to a minimum:)

  19. Fine Twilight Shadow.How about:
    Auf wiedersehen?
    Ánágodziih doleel?
    Nozia mwuliko?
    Joi gin?
    À vedeci?

    Seriously Twilight Shadow what would you have me say?

  20. Well, I think this is a very interesting blog, and I enjoy coming to it(especially when I am feeling not-so-studious)! Even though I don't have a tremendous interest for history in general, I love reading all the comments and seeing all of you having so much fun poking at each other:) I hope this post doesn't seem out of the blue or irrelevant to what's been posted already:D

  21. Well, this blog probably isn't for girls... thanks for welcoming me to comment in the Battle Arena Gryphon! :)

    Thank you for allowing girls to "Follow" your historic blog! Let me know if you don't want me following it! :)

    Haha... Tim Hawkins! I am going to post a video of him on my blog! Check it out! :)

    By the way, am I annoying anyone with all of the smiley faces that I do?

  22. #1:Who ever said this blog was not for girls?
    #2::) :) :) :) :) :) :)Yes in fact:) :) :) :) :)
    (Sense my sarcasm?:)
    #3We are happy you are able to get some enjoyment from the blog.(As for poking each other it would not be nearly as much fun without different people taking shots from different angles......so take aim, and fire away!Especially if the target is The Hunter.)

  23. Hey, you just can't lose with the classic ones! (Erika, stop looking at me like that...and put down that duct tape.)

    Twilight Shadow, I forgive you. I suppose. *sniff* :)

    "I can only eat margarine...." Okay, I'll stop now. I think he ruined that song for me. :)

  24. Yah!"Surrounded by some biscuits,on some white bread,on the top of the Cheeze its!Its an artificial spread!"
    It has that effect on everybody.:)

  25. Yeah,he seems to do that with a few songs for me as well,but.......IT IS SO WORTH IT!!:D

  26. Yes, it is worth it! I can now annoy everyone I know by singing Tim Hawkins songs. *evil grin*

  27. Annoy?I highly doubt it!More likely they will do one of two things:
    #1:Stare at you like you are from Mars,with two heads,twelve eyes,and listen to metallic classical music.
    #2:Laugh out loud!(I am a part of this category,obviously.)
    Have you checked out Nursery Rhymes yet?(If not you can find it on Rachel's blog.)

    P.S:I am sorry I do not believe Erika would use duct tape.........Military Grade rope maybe but not duct tape.

  28. Gryphon: Your title should be, in my opinion, the Jester Meister.

  29. What are all you guys' favorite Tim Hawkins videos? :)

  30. Gryphon, that's true.
    And Nursery Rhymes was hysterical!

    P.S. Erika would definitely use duct tape if it suited her purposes. Oooh, now I've made her sound evil!!! I can die in peace.

    Rachel, I have no idea which one is my favorite. I'm never good at making hard choices like that. :)

  31. Hmmmmm.....Mr Jester Meister?.....Sounds good!:)
    But I was kinda hoping for something that will be cool,menacing, and chilling,yet puts people at ease and makes me look friendly.....(wait is that not an oxymoron?Oh well *sighs* My family says my whole life is an Oxymoron....or was it just moronic?:)

    Tim on parenting!I love the Super Manny!(Driving naughty kids off cliffs sounds GREAT!:)
    But They are all pretty good.

    P.S:Annetta,it is our sovereign duty to use all the resources at our fingertips to have fun(annoy) our older siblings.Viva la Resistance!(hefts flag that says,"WE ARE THIRD BORN!" Then quickly hides it as the older brother comes downstairs.)

  32. Haha!

    What exactly are we to "poke" at each other about? :) :)

  33. By the way, I put up a video by Darryl Worley on my blog a few days ago, you guys might like it!

  34. Gryphon: YES!! Where's MY flag?? Oh, I guess I'll just have to get Jessica to make me one.

    Rachel: Anything and everything. And all else, too. :)

  35. Yep! It's a no holds barred,let it all loose, type thing. :) And bye the way, I too have a hard time choosing just one Hawkin video,but I must say that the songs are some of my favorites. But like I said it's really hard to choose. :)

  36. I think I will have to go look at all of them again

  37. Have you ever seen the Pop goes the weasel one Annetta? :)

  38. @Gryphon: "WE ARE THIRD BORN!" I love it!

    Is there anyone else who is third born here(besides Annetta, Gryphon and Rachel)? Any second-borns like me?

    And another question....who is Twilight Shadow?

  39. Rachel, yes, I have seen it! It's pretty hilarious!

    Hey Kim, I'm pretty sure Erika is around here somewhere. She could definitely be classified as a blog stalker AND second born. :)
    She'll comment as soon as she sees my comment, I'm pretty sure.
    (ME? Blog stalker? WHAT?)
    She's very good at pretending innocence.

  40. @ Kim:I,too,am a 2nd born. And The Twilight Shadow is the first born in Gryphon's family (If you know who Gryphon is) If that still does nothing to help you, just think of this: He's the REALLY tall, really ugly one, that helped found the "click". No last names please :)

  41. yup Erika has her own title!...............THE BLOG STALKER!!!!BE AFRAID!!!BE VERY AFRAID!!!

    In addressing the issue of age placement on the blog...Rennuke is also third-born.

    P.S:I must concur with my associates that any and all "poking" is encouraged.:)

  42. I know that the guy in the picture at the top right hand side of the blog is a third born too.(I won't say his name)

  43. Is who Rennuke? The picture in the top right hand corner of the all the other pics is Gryphon.

  44. Rachel, the picture of "Me and My Sister" at the top is Rennuke and his sister. I was confused too, for a while. :)

  45. Yay! So there are 2 other second-borns!!!:)

    @THE HUNTER: I believe I know who you mean:D I won't use any real names:)

  46. Which part gave it away the best? I'll bet it was the "really ugly" part wasn't it? It just had to be!

  47. @The Hunter...
    Is the guy in the picture "Me And My Sister" at the top of this blog Rennuke? We used to think that Rennuke was the guy that does Twilight Shadow!

  48. Yeah Rae, the guy in the pic "Me and My Sister" is indeed Rennuke. The girl in that picture is known as "The Thimble" (Just in case you ever hear us talking about her on hear:)

  49. Hear?......
    oh!You mean "here"!not "hear"!(everyone savor this moment,it is one of the rare moments when Hunter actually makes a grammatical mistake:)

    This is good.Everyone knows who everyone else is.(know we can throw barbs with full knowledge of our targets.)

  50. Hunter I saw you comment on my appearance. just because I don't comment much dusen't mean i don't read it.
    In the first place YOU are hardly in a position to say ANYTHING on that subject.
    In the second considering your environment you wouldn't know good looks when you saw them. (At least with the guys):)
    Furthermore you are in dangerous waters my SISTER saw your comment and she thought you were talking about HER.... BE WARE THE THIMBLE...thimble...

  51. @Gryphon:Simple slip of the finger....won't happen again. I haven't even begun to start correcting you on your grammar and pronunciation!!(And BTW Gryph,"KNOW" we can throw barbs"? Shouldn't that be "NOW"? But don't pay any mind to me,I make to many mistakes.)
    @Rennuke: 1st off,I wasn't actually meaning you,I scrolled back and saw that someone had already answered the question that I was trying to answer.(my humble apologies,well....not really. Everything said applies to you too. :)
    2nd: If you would be so kind as to show your "SISSY" dearest my correction, then I'm sure that everything will be cleared up.

  52. Well(clears throat)I guess people in glass houses should not throw stones.(So that I am not regarded as hypocritical,I will just say to my Dearest,furry,little Hunter.I am sorry.)
    (you have no idea how hard that was for me to do that,bloggers.) :)

    Do not worry Rennuke if we think you are ugly we would just come out and say it:)(like Hunter just did. Are you gonna let him get away with it?)Oh yes!Do give the sister our best(or perhaps it would be our worst:).

    P.S:Hunter you might want to duck and cover!(The THIMBLE is attacking!!!:)


  53. oh man -_-'... I haven't been on here for a while have I? "Shrugs" cant be helped. I took My PS3 apart for the 5th time to try and get one last session out of it for the purpose of transferring game data to our new one. So that took up some of my time followed by the great feeling when it worked for me after I tore the top of the GPU off along with the heat-sink because they stuck together. Not knowing what to do I then proceeded to wing it :)!! I simply put some fresh arctic silver 5 thermal paste on where I thought there had been some on before I tore it off. And then I prayed that it didn't go BZZZT!!! and start to burn or something. well it went on without a bang, and I transferred game data without a problem.
    But then I had to go get a game we wanted to celebrated with. it then procedded to take up a few days to fully complete the game. between those fey days was a day taken up by helping our aunt and uncle move on a Saturday, fallowed by a sunday going to church with watching the football game at a friends house. I have just recently finished the game. So Tech Support has reconnected after not touching a computer for nearly an entire week end......"GASP!!"

    "Sigh" Lets get down to business.
    First off, If you Ladies "Kimberlynne and Rachel" can't figure out who is typing this then you don't know me well enough yet. How shall we remedy this conundrum? Hmm... "light bulb turns on !O_O!" We should get together and talk some time over lots and lots of your cookies! on the other hand, if you figured out who I am by the "big ugly" comment above then....I...I....I...."Sniffs".....I.....Still think we should get together and have lots and lots of cookies!! but it is disturbing having 2 people refer to me as ugly when I look so much like them. Maybe I should ban them for a little while for messing with a blog moderator :].

    So this means that everyone has someone to relate to but me, the lonely first born.
    But you know what they say, its lonely at the top. after all, I'm just tech support. Here to fix my younger peers problems :)

    And Rennuke, I have always wondered why you have a picture of yourself and your sister on the blog? And do you mind if I make small "ease of use" changes to the layout of the blog?

  54. upon further Meditation on the problem. I think Bond should get over here and we can have another first born on the blog.

  55. Wow!This could not be Twilight Shadows post.It is way too long to be his:)

    But I can agree with the sentiment he is purporting.It has been a mad-house around here.(and when reality invades,important things like blogs,and computer games suffer.)

    By the way,Twilight Shadow,how do suppose you would lock us out with Rennuke on our side?(He is the administrator after all.)

    I would just like to announce publicly that the CFSDA(Cookies For Suffering Delinquents Association) is accepting all applicants donations.Remember all it takes is a pan of cookies and a dream.....:)

    I think that having bond on the blog would be cool!

    oops!time for school.

  56. I put the picture up when I first made the blog and It just seamed to fit.

  57. Ah gryphon my brother. You forget who you are speaking of. Rennuke lets me be blog sub-commander for a reason.

  58. Well, please excuse me for not being on here in a few days!!(or however long it has been.) :) Wow!

    @Twilight Shadow:
    I think I know who you are!(are you the one that does the golden bear laugh?) :)

    Thank you for the compliments about the cookies! :)

    By the way, is "Bond" my oldest brother? :)

    @The Hunter: Ok!

    Do I have a nickname that I don't know about? :)

  59. @Rach,
    Do you have a secret nickname? As of this moment, no, BUT...I'm sure that if you wanted us to, we could come up with one for you. :) Yes, Twilight Shadow is who you think that he is. How you remember that is your business. :) And yes again, Bond is your ugly older brother. That was a nickname that the guys gave him at a late night(or should I say early morning) computer game at Rennuke's house. :)
    So do you know who everybody is yet? If not just keep the questions coming. :)

  60. @The Hunter:
    If you guys want to give me a nickname you can. :)
    My what older brother?!!!!!!!!!!! Does he know you said that?!!!!!! :) :)

    I think I pretty much know who everyone is except Ronsferd and Christine. :)

  61. Course he knows I said that. :) I tell him all the time. :)

  62. Of course you do. If you didn't, they might start to realize who the ugly one REALLY is.
    Wow, that was mean, wasn't it? I'm getting better at this.

    (Disclaimer: I'm just kidding)

  63. @THE HUNTER: lol:) I don't think Twilight Shadow is ugly, but I think that was what gave it away, since from you guys' humor, it's often easy to tell who you're talking about!:D

    @Twilight Shadow: I'm glad you like our cookies! Which of our cookies have you had before?

    I like the nickname you guys have given my oldest brother! It fits:) Yes, feel free to give me and Rachel any nicknames you wish to!
    And also, where does the nickname "The Thimble" come from? :):)

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Hey... before this goes any further... I don't care what you say about me hahaha... but when you call me something you are making a judgement about what my girlfriend thinks... she thinks I am anything but ugly so either your vision is warped or you are calling her a liar !!! And I won't standn for an insult to her !!! :P so yeah... wazzup all hehehe...

  66. and by the way... The Hunter ... you always talk about how you are soooo good looking that there are all these girls throwing themselves your way... I say LET'S SEE IT !!! I've already got the one and only that I'll ever need... so I don't think we need to say much about my looks or whatever... Battle Arena is HOOAH !!!!

  67. @Annetta:I just have two things to say to you
    1.ATTA GIRL!!! You are sooo getting the hang of this.
    2.I thank you from the very depths of my heart. (That was the best compliment I've ever gotten.)
    @Kim:"The Thimble" came from a Monopoly game that Rennuke,'Shadow,Gryphon,and I never got to finish. You see, Rennuke was staying overnight at our place,and we had a game of Monopoly going on with 'Thimble'. When Thimble had to leave, she left all her money and her piece (the thimble) in the middle of the board for anybody who might be land on free parking.
    Someone landed on free parking and got the money and the piece. The person that got all the 'stuff' lost shortly after they acquired it. This happened to every person that got the thimble piece. (Losing) So the 'thimble' has come to be known as a tangible force of bad luck (and Rennuke's sister's nickname) Go figure! :)
    @Bond:1st. I don't ever remember saying anything about any 'girls' that might be following me around,but, if you are referring to the blond haired, white haired,and brown haired beauties that you saw following me when you were in, then I will be sure to pass on to Ma,Sis,and Gram that you noticed them.
    2nd. I would never dream of insulting your girlfriend, but, sometimes the truth hurts.(Sorry Miss Bond's Girlfriend)
    @Bond's Girlfriend: I feel for you. But, if you can stand the gruesome factor...then who am I to say he's ugly? :D

  68. So Making this thread was a good idea after all. (Takes a small moment of pleasure in the threads success)

    @Bond: So you decided to make an appearance? Its good to have another "Oldest Sibling" here. And I won't say you look good because that just wouldn't sound right coming from another guy. I will leave that to your special someone.
    And as far as girls following Hunter around, The only ones he has bagged are the four legged ones in the freezer. Although I could see how the fact that when Hunter or I take grandma shopping it must put a big "oh, this guy must be safe to go 10feet from because he is helping his grandma shop and he won't try to make a move on me" sticker right on our foreheads.
    And grandma will give us a hard time about it.

    @Kimberlynne: Glad that i'm not repulsive to be around. Lucky for your family all our encounters have been after some cleaning up.
    I don't always look that way after all.
    If I make sure to shower, shave, and put some deodorant on, then I can barely make the "Ok for public interaction" inspection (=_=)

    @Rachel: Do I really do a good golden bear impression? I must, if that's how you remember me. A nickname hmmm... well thats not something that can be made on the spot. But we will give it our best shot for you!

    So I have a question for all of our bloggers here. how would you like it if the comments went from most recent to oldest posts instead of oldest to most resent? Some time in the future I would like to try it and see. that way the newest posts will be right there to see.

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. @The Hunter: Hahaha! :) You tell him that all the time?! :)

    @Bond: Hello! :) Why do you take that from him? :)

    @Twilight Shadow: Well, the laugh is pretty good! :) :)

  71. Hahaha,,, I vote for newest to oldest (if my vote counts since I'm barely on)...

    @ The Hunter: I would normally say something like " you just wait till I get up there"... but since I have two sisters ahd HER already up there... maybe I'll just let HER know what you have been saying and we'll see what happens :P

  72. Don't take them to seriously Bond their just jealous:) so show a little mercy. after all you the one with the girl.

    PS. How is this sound for a nick name. Risatükkiv.It means intrusive laughter. :)Kind of long and clunky for nick name though.

  73. I'm not sure what I started, but it is way to good to stop now!
    @Rachel: Yes I do tell that to him all the time,and I have no regrets!(Yet):)
    @Bond:Okay! Okay! Okay! I'll stop! I'll stop! Just please don't sick the "Wonder Women" on me!
    On second thought....Sis gives me the look so often that I'm,like, totally immune to it. So, ladies, give me your worst!
    And Bond, Ya know what I say? Come and get it shrimp.:D
    @Twilight Shadow: Don't you be dissin my four legged ladies! They're half gone anyways!

  74. I totally agree with Rennuke.... the big green monster is raging his ugly head..... :P

    @ The Hunter : come and get what ? it wont be too hard with an M21 sniper rifle from half a mile away... boy I really love army marksmanship training... it makes all your problems go away alot quicker !!!!!

  75. Newest to oldest would be very handy. That's my vote!

    @Hunter, thank you! *bows*
    And I'm going to ignore the rest of your comment. :P

  76. Wow!Bond you should write a book!
    "How to Solve All Your Problems With a M21!"(I would buy a copy!:)

    The only problem Bond is this,when you shoot Hunter you would have to take on the rest of us.........then because you killed the rest of us,you would have to take on Meg and she could take you out with one hand behind her back!(or she might thank you for taking care of us)
    :) :) :P

    This is great!I do not need to expend any of my(very small,very frustrated)brain cells on insulting Hunter anymore,I could just hire out Annetta to do it for me.

    Twilight Shadow you are very memorable,for the simple fact that you are a six-six giant..........that does a disturbingly accurate impression of the golden bear.

    And by the way Bond,Rennuke is right,you can not take us seriously.We would probably be strung up by our thumbs if we were taken seriously:)

  77. @Hunter: Yeah they where really good.

    @Rennuke: I for one, am not jealous Bond. Happy for him yes. Jealous, not so much.

    Ok, I will work on comment order after I'm done looking for online storage that allows hot-linking.

  78. hahaha... I won't take anything seriously if you all do the same rofl !!! I do love how Twilight Shadow had to make it 100% clear he is not jealous !! I'd never mess with pooh bear anyways..

  79. Wow! where do i begin.....hmm....for the record, I'm second born and definitely a blog stalker (Go Erika!)

    I love you....but please dont start solving your problems with an M21 ;)

    You haven't yet received "the look" from me..... so be careful, cause i'll be at your house on Friday Mmwuahahaha!
    And i'm not going to take it as an insult that you're calling my man ugly....i know you're just jealous ha ha
    But the "shrimp" comment did get my dander up a little.....

  80. @ Gryphon: I thank you for your confidence in my writing abilities.. I will keeep you in mind for a salesman if I ever become an author..

    @ My beautiful darling, Arielle: I love you too <3 .. I will try and "restrain" myself with the use of my M21.... ;)

  81. There....gave myself a nickname....maybe it will remind everyone not to pick too badly on Bond, or they may have to deal with my wrath. Although there is nothing i can do about a certain grapevine ;)

  82. And for the record... I'm sorry hun.. but if anyone picks on you too much the M21 restraint will be lifted :P

  83. @Bond's Girlfriend:Oh, um...You're coming to that? (Gulp) Fellas...I'm gonna need some back up!! And yes...There is absolutely NOTHING that you can do about said Grapevine. Maybe that's where I'll start throwing the barbs.
    @Bond: Okay,so you can hit the broad side of a barn 36 out of 40 times at 300 meters.A trained monkey could do that!(Considering the talk that I had with my uncle,I'm not so sure that all of those shots were at the longest range,by the way),but what can you hit from 2000 miles away? (I might be half tempted to believe you if you said the Great Wall of China.:) Next: Judging from past chats that I've had with you, my one question is this: WHAT M21?! I might be a LITTLE scared if I knew that you actually had one!(or could bring one home,at least.:) In light of that fact, you'll have to forgive me for not being scared.:)(in the slightest)

  84. @Bonds Girlfriend: In case you haven't noticed, all of us Brothers are fairly big and stocky.
    So I have 235lb. at six-six to back me up with the shrimp comments.

    @Bond: well I'm glad that you won't mess with me :) It would be interesting to see. As you have some hand to hand training and I have a little experience throwing people in snow banks. lol! And don't take the fact that I am not envies to heart. After all, If and when I find my significant other I don't expect every one else to be envious. Because if another guy tried to take my girl, he would find himself in something worse than snowbanks :|
    If you ever have trouble convincing someone over the phone to lay off, just let me know and I will make him see the light for you ;)

  85. @ Twilight Shadow: ROFLOL !!! I'm glad to have some "bigtime" backup back home ;) Doesn't look like I'll be needing that M21 anymore... you do a good job of knowing how I'd feel if someone messed with "my girl" ... I've got alot of buddies down here and back home who would do a good job "putting the pain on " ;)

    @ The Hunter: I agree, 2,000 miles is a bit far to do anything personally... I will let the girls deal with you for now ;)


    Sorry. Excuse my mirth.
    It just seems rather contradictory that you think you can take on the person that you nicknamed Bond.
    And arguing about a "fight" that doesn't exist is amusing.

    Hunter: Have YOU ever hit the Great Wall of China from 2000 miles away? See? You're admitting that Bond is a better marksman than you are. So that means you can't hit the broad side of a barn at 300 meters.

  87. OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!Hunter quick!Hide behind Megan!The girls are coming after you!(I will practice my age-old wisdom and just sit back,smile,insult from the sidelines,and talk about history.Care to join me Rennuke?:)

    Do not worry Bond we can understand your feelings on the subject of "your girl".(Although I am kinda disappointed that you and Twilight are not gonna fight.....I have to give back all those tickets I was selling for the event!:)But we got your back man!We will definitely help "put the pain on"!(It might be fun!......even though I probably would not do much.)

    WOW!Does anyone realize how many posts there were for Jan 23!(Isn't this the part where Erika chimes in with,"You know, if we keep this up, we may get up to 100...")

    P.S:I think Bond that your girlfriend could decimate anyone without our help(if her brother is to be believed),so you do not have to worry:)

  88. Between all of you fellas and my brother, i feel well taken care of. Bond can rest easy. If i need anyone to be thrown in a snowbank, i know who to call.

    @Gryphon thank you for the vote of confidence! Although you cant believe everything my brother tells you about me, you should believe THAT. I'm pretty good at decimating....only for self defense, of course 0:-)

  89. @The Hunter: No regrets eh? Just keep this up and we'll see what Bond does without his M21! :)

    @Bond: Please (dear brother) don't pull out the guns on our friends! :) "I will let the girls deal with you for now". haha

    @Twilight Shadow: Hahaha!!! :) "he would find himself in something worse than a snowbank." :) By the way, what is hot-linking? :)

    @Rennuke: Was that nickname for me?

    @Bond's Girlfriend: You need any help let me know! ;)

  90. P.S: Would anyone mind helping me with the time on my blog posts? Thank you! :)

  91. @Rechel: Do you mean the time on your blog? or are you saying the time on this blog is messed up?
    I would be happy to help &/or fix the time ether way. Hot-Linking is when someone links directly to a file instead of linking to the files page.
    A person must be careful what he or she is hot-linking to. " http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot-linking " I could explain in more depth if you want but this is my short version :)

  92. @THE HUNTER: Thank you for explaining "The Thimble" to me:) Now I know who you are speaking of when you guys are using that term!!! And, by the way, Bond was just using the M21 as a cover-up for his real skills...where the real fear should come in(as Rachel has already aforementioned), is what he can do without it!

    @Twilight Shadow: lol:) The "snowbanks" thing is hilarious! And I vote for the most recent being comments being at the top too:)

    @Bond's Girlfriend: Yes, if you need help, me and Rae are here to back you up too:) What is this "grapevine" you're talking about? lol Or is it secret info? :)

  93. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  94. P.S. @Twilight Shadow: I also have the same problem as Rae on my blog as well, so anything you can do would be great!!!

  95. 2 Rachel yes that was a nick name for you. Or but it would work for Kim.
    2 Bond you can cont me in if any one needs the pain put on.(Of cores I'm not as big and intimidating as some of your other candidates. But I try to make up for it with brains.:)
    2 Bond's girl friend I'll believe That when I see it no offense I just can't believe some of the thing that were insinuated about your close combat abilities.
    2 Gryphon I wish they had fought to sie.....we will haft to cancel the reservations for the stadium to.

  96. Wow...talk about vast amusement. Y'know Gryphon...if we keep this up, we might be able to get up to 200...

    Bond's Sister # 1 (and fellow secondborn!): On the topic of what the grapevine is...it's a colloquial term that you've probably heard...it refers to the magic way that information gets around in a small grouping of people. Some of the people on this blog fear this sort of close communication and interaction when it is employed by female members of the group-- of course, *we* know that it's quite harmless (*koff koff*).

  97. @ Rennuke: She had better never have to use her "close combat" skills anywhere where you could see.. rofl !!! Trust me , I've seen them, Phil is a good teacher ;)

  98. @Erika: thanks for explaining things!!!

  99. Rachel,Rennuke,Annetta, something tells me we third-borns are beginning to have competition as the majority.:)

    Trust me Rennuke,the TV rights for the fight cost were gonna be HUGE!(not to mention the royalties from the book that was gonna be written about it!)*shrugs* Oh well I guess it is good that neither of our esteemed combatants will actually have to fight.
    (Ducks from onslaught of Older brother and Military grade rifle shots)

    As for the Grapevine, Kimberlynne/Bond's sis#1, it is a extensive organization that is rooted in the Females of this area.It allows for the rapid transit of any-and-all information and nuance.(looks accusingly at the girls collected here)

    200 Here We COME!

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. @Anetta:I'm not exactly what you might call a logical person,but even with that being said,I don't see how your argument proves that Bond is a better Marksman than I am.(It very well might,I just don't see how.) However,to put an end to this ongoing debate,I'll eat a piece of humble pie and say that Bond is, without a doubt, the better shot of the two of us.:)

    @Any of the Ladies that Bond might be referring to:As far as the "girls handling me" is concerned,my hands are kinda tied. You see, you are all "ladies". There is a big difference between "ladies" and "girls". While I'm not going to go into detail,just suffice it to say that I refuse to "fight" with a group of ladies. This is not to say that any of you girls couldn't "handle me". On the contrary, I've no doubt that every one of you could "take me".:)
    @Bond: Insults are all swell and good for now,but the only way to properly do this is like real dignified Gentlemen. So, that being said, when you are home next time, I'll meet you in the nearest pizza parlor and we can see who can muscle the most slices of pizza down.
    @Bond's Girlfriend:That halo you put at the end of your post speaks volumes! Oh let the rumors fly!:D
    @Kim and Rae: I am actually very curious to see what Bond can do WITHOUT his "fire"arm as opposed to WITH his regular arms. Hmm...it could be something fun to try.:) And I am going to agree wholeheartedly with Gryphon. I have witnessed first hand how fast info flies in "The Grapevine". I might go as far as to say that it travels almost as fast as light particles!!

  102. @Hunter I promise not to pummel, decimate, or injure you in any way....I will do my best to live up to the term "lady" and just let you guys duke it out for yourselves. Besides it much more fun to watch :)

    Go ahead and rent the stadium, Gryphon

  103. @Erika and Gryphon: Thanks for explaining the term "grapevine" to me!!! The term just looked like it bore a little more explanation!:)

    @THE HUNTER: I am siding with Bond's Girlfriend in the fact that I will not be a part of any fighting whatsoever:) I'll just be the proper young lady I should be(and you know I would never be a part of any masculine duo anyway). The fun is all yours(and Bond's)!:D

  104. YES!!! let the battles begin!!! Gryphon and I will rent the stadium and sell tickets....I wonder how much I should charge?
    Did any one help "Risatükkiv" with "her Blog posed"??
    2 the Hunter no girl is a lady until they prove it. just like no Guy is a real man until they prove it.
    But since we or on the arena subject we should all duke it out some time and resolve are differences.

  105. @ The Hunter: I accept your statement that I may be the better shot. I also will eat some humbe pie and say that even with my Army Combatives training you probably would be the "better man" hand to hand ... with most of that due to the fact that you are "slightly" bigger than me.... In the spirtit of brotherly love I'm sorry to dissapoint anyone but there is no need for a fight or duel between myself and you... although that pizza sounds really good lol...

  106. @Bonds Sister #1 & #2: There are 3 ways that I can help you.

    #1: The most easy way is to temporarily give me Administrative access to your blog's. but then it does nothing to help you know how to do it.

    #2: I can type up instructions for you to follow.

    #3: if I fail to give sufficient instructions we can ether talk on the phone OR if you have skype then we can use that to talk. I could share my screen with you over skype and show you how to do it also. But I know you ladies are intelligent and will pick it up quickly.

    Step #1: sign into your blogger dashboard

    Step #2: The "Manage Blogs" section should be right there when the page loads. Find the name of your blog and under it should be the options

    – Edit Posts – Comments – Settings – Design – Monetize – Stats

    Click on the " Settings " link.

    Step #3: A page will load with the blogger logo on the top left of the page and the name of your blog to the right of it. under that should be tabs with once again the options

    – Edit Posts – Comments – Settings – Design – Monetize – Stats

    The "Settings" tab should already be selected
    with lots of "sub-tabs" under it in order like this

    Basic-Publishing-Formatting-Comments-Archiving- Site Feed-Email & Mobile-OpenID-Permissions

    You should start in the "Basic" sub-tab.
    You want to click on the "Formatting" sub-tab.

    Step #4: When the Formatting sub-tab loads you should see lots of settings, Yeah!!
    I love settings, they make me happy :)
    Yes I have dedicated an entire step to that moment. (Shrugs) can't be helped.

    Step #5: The setting you are most likely looking for is the "Time Zone" Set it to

    (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time

    Don't forget to save your settings on the bottom of the page!

    If that doesn't work for you, let me know and we will try something else.

    -Twilight Shadow,
    -Tech Support

  107. @Bond: no fair posting while I type a book about time settings on a blog lol!!
    Pizza=Yes, Gladiator fights in Ralph Wilson stadium = ouch = not worth it. :)

  108. I found a way to get the comments to go from new to old. but it would require a huge overhaul of the commenting system. on the other hand, people with facebook accounts would be able to log in with that. you could also use Disqus, OpenID, and Yahoo accounts also. let me know what you all think! and I can always go back to the old system anytime.

    P.S. My assistant Bond helped with the Facebook testing!! " Cheers and claps!!"

  109. Ack! I can't keep up with all these comments! 200, Erika? Maybe more like 2000...

    Hunter: I actully fail to see the logic myself. It just sounded clever. I won't try to stop you from eating your pie, though. :)

    I think the pizza idea sounds good as long as I can take pictures...

    Gryphon, we'll need to do something about the second borns. Unfortunately, the only plan I can come up with is assassination.

  110. Mwhahahaha!!!Brilliant idea Annetta!One moment let me just call the Assassins-R-Us hot-line.(catches himself dialing number)wait......... as much as I want the Third-Borns to be dominant on the Blog.I do not want to have to get rid of all the other bloggers.(They do provide stimulating conversations.)*sighs*
    Sorry Annetta we will just have to get Bond's girlfriend's little brother on to bolster our ranks and or THE JUDGE'S little sis.

    And I am sure you can handle pics for the big event....but only with a Rennuke-photography-license(50$),and positioning fee(75$).....(put down the knife we will give you a special-friend discount,which=free food!)

  111. P.S:Lets start with 200 then we will work from there

    P.S.S:I agree Rennuke!Duking it out would be the best way to settle this!

  112. @Annetta:Um...I don't ever recall saying that YOU were invited.:) And even if you did get an invitation, we wouldn't allow cameras.(If we can't stand having our pictures taken when we're just sitting around, what makes you think that we would want to have them taken when we're having a bro chowdown?):)On a lighter note....thanks for the admission. I was beginning to think that I was getting old and didn't know what logic was anymore.:) But a slice of "humble pie" is good every once in a while.:) ALTHOUGH...... Some real pie would be even better.:D (coughgirlscough)

    @Bond:Yeah, I knew that it would:) It set my mouth to watering just writing it!

    @Rennuke: I agree completely! I was just trying to end the whole "who has to handle who" conversation,and throw out a few compliments at the same time.:)

    @All who are involved: I refuse to be made into a public spectacle.So...if any of the guys feel the need to test themselves,then they will just have to wait until the next camp-out.(Where no pictures can be snapped off.)(coughannettaerikacough)

    @Bond's Girlfriend and Sister#1: Thanks,I owe you one! I was getting worried that I might get totally embarrassed in front of all my friends.

  113. Gryphon...you had to catch yourself *dialing* Assassins-R-Us? I was pretty sure you told me you had that on speed dial.

    Yeah, Annetta, I could have told you that Hunter (aka Mr. "That Blasted Camera") wouldn't be too thrilled with a picture taking idea. Two words, though: SPY CAMERAS. Yes. We could make millions off those pictures (by which I mean, we could make millions off the guys as they desperately try to keep those photos from going public). And imagine the headlines: "Dueling Duo Dukes It Out At Domino's." Or something.

    BTW, am I the only one who isn't really following the flow of conversation? :P

  114. i know....isnt this "the place of verbal assaults"???

  115. @Erika: Dominos? does it have to be Dominos?
    We don't like Dominos pizza. How about our favorite place back in orchard park! best pizza around!

  116. Gyrphon, I suppose you're right. It might not look good if I have my own sister assassinated. And we should definitely get Bond's Girlfriend's brother and The Judge's sister on here. We can let them in on the plan for world domination...um, I mean, for staying in the majority, tomorrow.

    Hunter: I do not NEED an invitation. I am welcome wherever I go. I thought you knew this by now. (Are you sensing the sarcasm yet?)
    Pie...I don't think so. If you don't merit brownies, how can you expect us to give you pie? :)

    Erika, spy cameras are good. Very good. I love blackmail. And I'm not really following the flow of conversation either, but hopefully no one has noticed yet...

    Wow, I just wrote a book! Happy reading! (Wait, should I have put that at the top?)

  117. So now I think I will do a post about the Web browser wars. And convert all of you to ether firefox &/or chrome mwahahahahaha!!!

  118. @Twilight Shadow: oooooooooo......yes, perfect topic! Firefox, ALL THE WAY, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Annetta, Gryphon, and the rest of you spoiled third-borns: I will try to get my brother to join us on here tonight, wish me luck.

    @Hunter: Pie is money......you have to earn it, or make it yourself.

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. @Bond's Girlyfriend:1st off,Yes,this is the place of verbal assaults,but what exactly do you want me to do?! I got chewed out for calling Bond ugly and shrimpy! How else am I supposed to insult him?! 2nd, ME?!?! Make pie?! You do realize that it's supposed to be edible,don't you? Besides...you're the "Spoiled Baker"..uh whoops,that's supposed to read "Pampered Chef".(My fault :)
    @Anetta: Don't worry. I've learned to take everything that you say with a grain of salt:)And what do you mean I don't do anything to merit stuff? I just dished out a compliment to every female here by saying that you were all "ladies". That should at least bring me something.
    @Erika: Might I ask how you are going to find out where this pizza joint is going to be located? (That's kinda important for taking pictures,ya know.Whether we can see the camera or not.:)
    @Crazy Craftsman: Welcome aboard!! You have officially put your picture up on the Wall of Shame with the rest of ours!! :)
    @'Shadow: Long live Chrome!

  121. Welcome Crazy Craftsman!You are a valued member for the movement!A hearty salutations from all third-borns!You have just given us a majority on the blog and now we outnumber all interloping age-groups.(no offense to non-third-borns of course.)Remind me to give you the "THIRD-BORN DOMINATION DVD".(It outlines how we we will dominate..er..um..guide the world.)

    @Erika:Well,"catching myself" was a turn of phrase.I meant that my finger stopped as I was pressing the button.(excuse me for not being specific:)oh,and any and all blackmailers will be targeted for "inordinate"
    punishment.(I still have Assassins-R-Us on speed dial.)

    @Annetta:Assassinating siblings is not such a big deal.....just ask my little brother Billy.....(wait you can't):)
    The reasoning behind the staying of lethal options is that the other ages are just so much fun to have around(that and the blog followers would drop DRASTICALLY if we killed everyone else off)(AND that we could go to jail and I can not afford a lawyer)

    @Hunter And CrazyCraftsman:Pie Rules!(Pumpkin is the best!)

    To reiterate what The Hunter said what I make would only be able to be loosely defined as "Pie"!

  122. I might be persuaded to make pie for a certain gathering tomorrow.........maybe.

  123. @CrazyCraftsman & Bond's Girlfriend:
    I am happy that you already use Firefox. Have you used chrome yet? I will get that thread up and going soon. And we all can vote on the add-ons that firefox can not do without.

    @All third borns: You hold the majority in a blog where the first faction has a BIG Tech with administrative powers allied with an army connection (Who's girlfriend is in the second faction). (Irises start to glow and Transparent waves begin slowly swirling around in a really cool sci-fi scene)
    (With low rumble in voice, "WE ARE IN CONTROL HERE") (Clears Throat) Besides, if there were no first or second born's then you all would be firstborn's anyway. Wrap your heads around that one :)

    @Hunter: Chrome Would be my choice but Firefox 4 is still in beta so Its not yet complete. And chrome doesn't have nearly as many add-ons as Firefox. Grease monkey also adds another important option to Firefox.

  124. @Twilight Shadow: Yay!!! I tried your method, and it worked:):) Thanks so much for the help!

    @Gryphon and Annetta: I am sensing some rather (ahem) disturbing conversation going on:( I'm sorry for being a second-born if that is the way you feel! lol:) Who is THE JUDGE'S little sister?

    @THE HUNTER: Us girls making you a pie depends on what kind you like:) If you reply before tomorrow, I could get in touch with Bond's Girlfriend and see if we could come up with something! I believe your "ladies compliment" should earn you at least 2 pies:) But I could be wrong depending on how the other ladies feel:) Bond's Girlfriend, Rachel, Annetta, Erika: What do you think? :D

  125. Welcome, Crazy Craftsman! I read this great book called "Man Hunt". In case you're wondering how this is relevant, it's about John Wilkes Booth. Isn't he an inspiration?

    Hunter: Yes, that was a good compliment. You are truly talented. I suppose that could be worth a couple of pies, but since Erika is the expert on brownie points, I'll leave that up to her.

    Gryphon, I guess you know what you're talking about...

    Twilight Shadow, I like Firefox AND chrome.
    Yes, I'm ignoring the rest of your comment. I can't think of anything nice to say about it.

    Bond's Sister #1 and Bond's Girlfriend, go right ahead. You have my permission. :)

  126. @Twilight Shadow: ROFL!!! That's quite the logic there....i can see a few third-born brains smoking on that one ;) And now i have to get that picture out of my head.....oooo...nightmares...

    @Bond's Sister #1: I think he does deserve something...if not a pie, then brownies for sure ;) He's complimenting us on this "verbal assault" page, after all.

    @To whom it may concern: Internet explorer stinks :P "Convert or Die!"

  127. @Twilight Shadow: Now you have a World Domination Face to go along with your golden bear chuckle haha

  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. @Bond's Sister #1: I am Happy to help. I knew Smart, Highly educated ladies like you could figure it out if I pointed you in the right direction (Do I get pie?). If people need anymore help then you know where to find me.

    @Bond's Girlfriend: Oh yes, light blue Glowing irises with translucent waves floating around.
    You are finally cornered and cowering for your life with the ground shaking under you when your attacker lets out a blood curdling......O_o!.....poo-bear laugh =_='......
    Just terrifying. I can here the movie studios erupting with laughter from here. And we must be careful when we insult IE. It won the last browser war. And it has a handicap, as it is very tightly integrated with the world's most widely used OS.

    @Annetta: Your ignoring my image of power? HOW DARE YOU!! (Rumble).....Yeah, ok, I did say "Sci-fi". I love Sci-fi.

  130. This comment has been removed by the author.

  131. @Twilight Shadow: Thank you for helping with my blog!!!!!!! :) :) :)

    I am a third born,:) and that "army connection" is my brother! :)

    GOOGLE CHROME!!!!!!!!! :) lol!

    @The Hunter: Thank you for your compliment!! :) If we don't make a pie, will Jello suffice? lol!

    @Gryphon: Who is "The Judge"? :) And is the Grapevine a blog that I can go to? :)

  132. @The Misses of the Blog:I thank you for your consideration,but,in all seriousness,don't knock yourselves out for me.
    @Rachel:Whatever you bring will be splendid. :) And "The Judge" is the farmer turned college student. If that doesn't help then I'll tell you about it tomorrow. :) Can you get on the Grapevine?!(It's technically called the DEADGRAPEVINE) No you can't! Sorry,but it's a guys only thing. :)

  133. Twilight Shadow, I'm sorry.... I was laughing too hard to write anything about it. :)

    Rachel, the reason why it's the DEADGrapevine is because there are no girls on it.
    I can just picture it.
    "So what's up?"
    How boring.

  134. @ everyone: just wanted to say I hope you all had fun at the game night tonight... I miss being able to see everyone once a month like I used to...

    @Erika.. you better have some pics for me to see :P

    @ annetta : you are very mistaken if you think the depth of guys conversations is " what's up?" ....

    @ my girlfriend: i love you <3

  135. @Bond: I think everyone had a good time. I did, but there wasn't any bodyguards big enough to protect me :) I also wish you could have been there.

  136. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  137. She was sympathizing with Twy but used a real name Please don't use real names

  138. I have a grate time last night! AND thanks to all the girls that made some thing for it!
    PS. is "CrazyCraftsman" Bond's Girlfriend's little brother?

  139. @Rennuke: Yes, CrazyCraftsman is who you think he is. And just a tip for removing comments if you want to do it. Copy past the comment and post it under your alias with name corrections. Just explain who said it, and why you re-posted it :) Just a thought.

  140. @ Rennuke: Any luck with the pulley? If not don't worry, cause I know where I can get one.

    @ Rennuke&Gryphon: Had fun last night with Monopoly! Great time with all my friends!

  141. @THE HUNTER: I never said thank you for your compliment, so thank you very much for calling me a lady:) I do intend on giving you a pie or something as my thanks; sorry I couldn't do it last night:( And don't worry about me knocking myself out...I believe I do owe something:)

    @Twilight Shadow: That goes for you too! We'll bring you something as well when we bring something for THE HUNTER, for our appreciation for you helping with our blogs:) Any specifics you guys want?

    @Bond: I wish you could of been at the Game Night too!!! I missed you being there. I did have a wonderfully fun time, though. Thanks Twilight Shadow, THE HUNTER, and Gryphon for hosting it:)

    @Rennuke: You're welcome!!!

  142. The Monopoly game was AWESOME!We so have to do it again!

  143. @Annetta:I must agree with Bond that if you think that is what is said at guy's conversations,you are a wee bit mistaken.

  144. @Bond:We all missed you a lot too!(But don't worry,your Dad filled in for you with the ugly factor:)
    @Kim:Thanks for the...um....thanks:)Shadow and I haven't met to many pies that we don't like(If that's not already obvious:)And no,you don't owe us anything.(Although,I certainly wouldn't object to any pies:)By the way...would Shadow and I have to share if you specifically mention that these pies are for us?
    @Annetta:I agree with Bond wholeheartedly!! You haven't the foggiest clue what it is that we say.(Mwahahahhahaha)

  145. @The Hunter: Now, don't start about my dad!! haha! :)

  146. Gryphon, Bond, and Hunter: I was *mostly* joking, ya'know, but that evil laugh is scaring me...

    Erika, where's a spy camera when you need one?

  147. 2 CrazyCraftsman I'm sorry for the folts hope I have a friend who haves one of everything (or so it seems)and he did have one but had just used it for something
    2 Gryphon we definitely need to finish that Monopoly game.
    2 all the DEADGRAPE VINE'S secretes will remain

  148. @ everyone: deadgrapevine RULES !!!

  149. @Rennuke: Don't worry about it.

    P.S. What exactly is the deadgrapvine? I'm assuming it's a blog of a sort? A secretive one that is.

  150. @CrazyCraaftsman: Yes the DeadGrapevine is, in fact, an underground resistance force newly made to counter the joint entity that is the female grapevine. (I almost said joint mind) I have Secured it as much as possible. We are gathering the greatest male minds , Mainly my own. (go ahead and laugh. it was a joke) So we can have a strong core group from which to expand from. It is also my sandbox blog to test new things out before adding it here. interested? If so, let me know.

  151. @Crazy Craftsman:I will second everything that Shadow has said,but one thing that he neglected to stress is the fact that the DEADGRAPEVINE is of the utmost secrecy. One cannot, under any circumstance, show/tell anything on/about it to the Female population!! We have taken great pains to make a secure,trustworthy setting for all of the operatives to communicate. To have that security breached by a simple mistake,such as not logging out,or freely handing out one's password, would be catastrophic! Please take such considerations into mind when deciding whether you would like an invitation. :)

  152. well I was going to get to all that when he got sworn in but, (shrugs) cant be helped. if there is at anytime a question in security, that members access is terminated until it can be confirmed and corrected.

  153. @ Twilight Shadow: I, Philip Salzman, do solemnly swear to respect and uphold, to the best of my ability, all of the rules and regulations pertaining to TheDeadGrapvine,to guard it's highly secret and classified content, and to respect the dignity and honor of it's members.

  154. @THE HUNTER: You don't have to share with Shadow if you don't want to, but that is completely up to you after we give each of you your separate treats:) If you want to do a sort of "barter" system with him, such as you give Shadow some of yours for some of his, that's fine too:D

    @All Male Members of The Metis: What's with all the secrets??? Why is it so imperative to keep things from us girls? Are we really that bad?:( lol, jk. Do what you must to obtain the utmost secrecy:)Are you sure no slight altercations could be made to let me and my sister join in on your fun? Please?:'(

  155. Bond's Sister #1, I'm afraid we have to stand back and let them have their fun! Some things are so much more fun if they're secretive.
    Since we've invaded their blog, we should at least let them keep their DeadGrapevine. :)

  156. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  157. @Annetta: I understand completely and agree with you 100%! I'll leave it alone:)

  158. TheDeadGrapevine is not really all that much....yet. But we just enjoy teasing you all.
    But I must say that TheDeadGrapevine is a mouthful. Next meeting I am putting in a name change request!

  159. @Bonds Sister #1: Nothing personal, but I can't invite you. If I did It wouldn't be Guy's only anymore :) oh, and I like apple. You Don't have to go above and beyond for us ether.

    @Annetta: Its like we are playing spy, the way you make it sound. Its only a place we can talk about things with just us guys. Or we go there for piece and quiet. I put music there to listen to also. Its our own "guy blog".
    All you girls should make one, then I could try and hack it :p

  160. @CrazyCraftsman: check your inbox ;]

  161. (Sarcastic comment warning)
    Twilight Shadow, I know you don't play spy, but unfortunately, we don't all have your gift for words. So I ended up sounding differant than what I intended. My apologies.

    And maybe I will make one! Bond's Girlfriend, Bond's Sister #1, Rachel, and Erika, do you think that's a good idea?

  162. @Annetta: Maybe we could make our own girls only blog!! What should we call it? :) What about: The Lively Grapevine?! ;) Or the Girly Grapevine? :)

    @Bond: If Twilight Shadow hacks our girls only blog, can we get Todd to hack into your DeadGrapevine? ;)

  163. Sure, if you want, Erika and I can start it and send you (and every girl that wants one) an invite! I like the LiveGrapevine, but maybe we should get all the girls' opinions for a name.

  164. Oh, I forgot! Twilight Shadow, I'm pretty sure I could hack the blog, but I won't. You may now thank me profusely.

  165. @Twilight Shadow: I'm assuming by "inbox" you meant my regular gmail inbox. I checked there but couldn't find it.:)

  166. oooo....I'm liking this idea girls....we need to come up with something very creative *think think*

  167. @Bond's Girlfriend: I like the LiveGrapevine idea, but maybe we should go out of the ordinary...

    @Twilight Shadow: I understand what you mean about it being a "guys only" blog, so I won't bother with it anymore:)

    @THE HUNTER: Any specific pie you want while we're doing apple for Shadow? Or does it not matter? lol:)

  168. don't you girls already have like 10 blogs?
    you have 4 or 5 that I know of why would you begrudge of 1 if you want a privet blog just use one you have. besides if you make your own then you would spend all your extra time there and deprive us pore boys of the pleasure of you ladies input.... Then again.(:

  169. @ rachel: yes, if someone were to "hack" your blog I'll personally get Todd to not only hack the other person's blog but to destroy their entire computer...

    @ everyone who is wondering who "Todd" is: He is our cousin Erin's boyfriend who does internet and network security for the CIA..

  170. @Philip: My Email is "lreed2010@stny.rr.com"
    Send me an email and I will give you your invite.

    @Annetta: You THINK, you can hack the blog :)
    Although I don't wish to have a duel of blogs.
    And I have no reason to infiltrate any of your blogs. You are all my companions, amigos, fellow brothers and sisters in home schooling. As such, I wish to use my technical skills to help not hack ;) Please do not make me wish otherwise.

    @Rennuke: They do add another angle on things don't they. I also, enjoy having them on here. And I was only kidding about them having there own blog. But if they choose to make one, I don't think they would abandon this blog. after all, we haven't :)

  171. @Bond: Would you try to hack our blog? :)

    @Twilight Shadow: Thank you for having us on here! :)

  172. @ rachel: no need to hack it... I'm "connected" if you like it or not... :P
    if you get my meaning lol <3

  173. @Bond: Do you really think that a CIA Network Security agent has time to hack a blog? If he does, He better get back to work on more important things. Like defending the U.S. from other countries college students looking to do some real damage. Would you really try to get a friend to hack another friend's blog?

    @Rachel: You are welcome :)

  174. @ twilight: haha yes, I would have a friend hack another lol... would he do it? prolly not... and he doesn't need much time.. rofl

  175. @Kim:Pumpkin sounds really good to me.Berry sounds really good to me.Peach sounds really good to me.:) :) (Whatever you have in the house sounds pretty good to me.:)Like I said,it ain't worth fussing over it.
    @All the ladies involved:The only reason we started the DEADGRAPEVINE was because you females all talked on the phone to each other. So....why should you "start" a blog when all of your info already spreads like wildfire in your circles!? And yes...I'll agree with Twy by saying that your "Battle Arena Barbs" have been nice(If an insult can be "nice")
    @Bond's Girlfriend:Just to keep the insults flowing:Bond's picture still makes my eyes burn. :)
    @Bond:Dude? You seriously got a whack with the ugly stick! :) (Oh let things begin)

  176. @Rennuke and Twilight Shadow: I am glad to know you boys enjoy us being on here:) I definitely won't be leaving the Battle Arena any time soon, as far as I am aware!

    @THE HUNTER: We have TONS of black-raspberries in our freezer, and we have(I think) just enough apples, so you guys' requests work out perfectly!!!:D And you made a good point about the phone conversations:) But I think the blog sounds a lot more suspenseful! (I could be wrong, though, riding on what you guys say about our phone conversations.)

  177. My brain just exploded...I literally read every single comment. And I...have no words.

    Except, that was hilarious. I think I'll be back when I feel a need to be re-immersed in the quirky group. Miss you all!

  178. You sat down and read them ALL!!?! How are you alive? Well it is good to see you bake in our Little verchual community.

  179. @Jess: Didn't you read the nutrition facts? There is a recommended 15 comment diet for this blog! LOL I can't believe you read the whole thing.

  180. This comment has been removed by the author.

  181. @Jess:We rendered you speechless? NOW THERE'S A FIRST! :D
    @The guys: Can you fellas believe that we did that?! Mark this day down in history!
    @Kim:Thanks. :)

  182. From: The THIMBLE.
    where is all the name calling and cruel jokes!?!
    The insulting comments and verbal sparing!!! you guys are as aggressive as a pack of gerbils!!!!

  183. I let her use my account she didn't tell me what she was going to say ahead of time.

  184. @Jess: So my plan worked? We hadn't seen you on here for a while, so I went to get you. I flooded your blog inbox with Enough comments to make you take a look. Oh, and welcome back to a piece of home.......on the net. I now have one more first born here to join my team :)

    (Ground Rumbles and irises start to glow)

    @Thimble: GET YOUR OWN ACCOUNT!!
    (Clears throat)and then we would gladly let you comment here :)

  185. @Everyone that cares:I am back!I have been slightly inhibited due to a unexpected wrist injury.I am doing fine now though.(everyone can stop groaning now:)

    @Jess:Welcome back to the little slice of Heaven(Game Night Land).(picks up label and reads aloud)
    "Do not take doses of more than thirty posts per five hours.May cause insanity,eye burning,LOLing,ROFLing,and extreme mental strain caused by thinking up appropriate jabs."
    (crumples label and throws away)
    I hate it when they put restrictions these things.

    @THIMBLE:Name calling eh? I would get in trouble if I called one of you young ladies ugly(like Hunter does Bond).People in glass houses should not throw stones;So I can not very well call someone annoying.
    Now that you are on Thimble I CAN call someone EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. @Jess: You read over 100 comments?!!!! Wow! :)

    Awww, you really miss us? :)

    Do you think we should have our own girl blog?

    @Bond: :) Hey!! That "connected" part wouldn't be telling our secret stuff!

  187. This comment has been removed by the author.

  188. @Gryphon: I don't think anyone noticed you where gone in the first place.

  189. @Rachel: It looks like their using a different setup now. What's up Twilight?

  190. I let her use my account she didn't tell me what she was going to say ahead of time.

  191. Ah gryphon my brother. You forget who you are speaking of. Rennuke lets me be blog sub-commander for a reason.

  192. @Rennuke, I have no idea how I'm still alive. Like I said, my brain exploded.

    @Philip, Hahaha! No, I never read labels. :(

    @The Hunter, ...pretty sure you guys have rendered me speechless before. I just generally recover quite quickly.

    @The Thimble: HAHAHA....way to use your brother's account and cause a national security crisis. I love it!

    @Twilight Shadow: Yep, you were one of at least three people trying to get me on here again and I finally gave in. Thanks for the welcome, and firstborns rule (that should go without saying)!

    @Gryphon: Thanks for the welcome! And I *did* notice that you were gone...not on here, but I kept thinking I had missed an email from you since the response wasn't immediate. :P

    @Rachel: Yeah, I really do miss you all! As far as the girl blog...that's up to you. The thing is, I probably don't have the time to check and respond on another blog, so I shouldn't weigh in on whether it should be created. But if you guys think you'd have fun updating another blog, go for it! But I'm personally cool with the blog I have and probably wouldn't be able to help update another. :)

  193. Ok, people after another all nighter =_=......
    I have completed the comment import. I will run it once more to make sure it got all of them. This is a work in progress and I will work on it. To post, Simply type in your comment and hit post. you will be prompted to sign in and will be given multiple account choices to do so. you can also choose to post as a guest. give a name and email and post away.

    - Your very dedicated Tech Support

  194. @Rennuke, I have no idea how I'm still alive. Like I said, my brain exploded.

    @Philip, Hahaha! No, I never read labels. :(

    @The Hunter, ...pretty sure you guys have rendered me speechless before. I just generally recover quite quickly.

    @The Thimble: HAHAHA....way to use your brother's account and cause a national security crisis. I love it!

    @Twilight Shadow: Yep, you were one of at least three people trying to get me on here again and I finally gave in. Thanks for the welcome, and firstborns rule (that should go without saying)!

    @Gryphon: Thanks for the welcome! And I *did* notice that you were gone...not on here, but I kept thinking I had missed an email from you since the response wasn't immediate. :P

    @Rachel: Yeah, I really do miss you all! As far as the girl blog...that's up to you. The thing is, I probably don't have the time to check and respond on another blog, so I shouldn't weigh in on whether it should be created. But if you guys think you'd have fun updating another blog, go for it! But I'm personally cool with the blog I have and probably wouldn't be able to help update another. :)

  195. Bond&#39;s Sister #1February 4, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    @ Twilight Shadow: You really stayed up all night doing this? lol But I definitely appreciate your effort! I really like all the most- recent comments being first:)

    @THE HUNTER: You're most welcome:D

    @Jess: I am agreeing with Gryphon and CrazyCraftsman...you should definitely rest a few days after your overdose, lol:) I miss you too!