Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little sad

I watched back to the future 3 the other day its a classic 80ds film bad guy goes to jail good guy beats all odds gets the girl and they all live happy ever after. O as a bones they save the world as we know it to. But when it was over I realized something I felt inspired, refreshed I felt like the world was mine for the taking that technology was just waiting to be discovered. And I realized that it had been a long time since I had seen a movie that did that. I thought about it for a while and you know most of the big pictures back then were encouraging. They had us becoming immortal, conquering the universe, inventing time machines est. To day look at what is coming out: Hunger Games. this is about evil governments and powerful rich people killing children  for entertainment. Lock out This One is about massive orbital prisons that are totally escape proof and the president's daughter ends up a hostage. Avatar the top grossing film of all time had a special suicide watch the people who saw it because it was so depressing some people actually tried to kill themselves afterward.
The reason I bring this up is Hollywood just reflects what they see the people want.  What happen to us that we would rather see that kind of thing?
I'm  just feeling morose or is there something to this ?