Sunday, May 15, 2011


SHE'S BACK..........


  1.  Well in cyber space at least "~" sniff
    oh by the way do to the current political situation please be  discrete about her occupational choice .

    thank you for you attention... :)  

  2.  Cough.Choke.Cough. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She's here! Nobody is safe!!! Rennuke? How could you?!
    (sigh)......welcome. :) Computers are no longer a waste of your time? :P :P :P

  3.  Hi Thimble.  Nice to hear from you :)

  4. YO Thimble!Welcome to the Metis!
    (now we can enjoy the enjoyable presence of your opinions)
    When are you going to make your debut in the Battle Arena?(Your unique yet caustically honest wit would be welcome:)

  5.  Yayyy!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Thimble:):):)

  6.  Hi Thimble!!! :)

  7.  The Hunter: computers ARE a waste of time. I should be studying for a test right know, but instead hear I am, (Sight), in cyber space.Trapped, for the time being. 
    It is great to here from the REST of you. I will TRY to get on some times. Speaking of which I better go get back to the reel world.
    Talk to you all soon!

  8. Just had another test. But you would all fall asleep if I told you every time I took one. So I will TRY to keep things a little more interesting.
      For instance, I am living on the edge of a lake (literally) it is raining and if we get enough of it, the dam (which is broken ) will not  be able  to hold it all. So, you guest it, all the neighbor will get washed away.(its kinda a community thing hear.)
     So, I am sitting here doing "Building a Medical Vocabulary"and looking at the lake and the 49 Latin and Greek words that I have to memorize, and well, I guess I better get to it!Miss you all!

  9.  There are a lot of BIG game  hunters out west. Thats the THING  here. You grab your hat, get in your HUGE truck ,take your gun off the rack in the back and lode it for....... armadillo?!?!?!

  10. An armadillo?!! I touched one was cool! 

  11.  armadilla- its whats for dinner..

  12. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b  So are you saying that we (that is CocoaNut's brother and I ) are not BIG game hunters? Are you implying that we're small? :) P.S. Good job on posting the picture. You are getting really good on these "wastes of time". :) What type of gun do they use, and HOW big are these trucks? (You must learn to include the details. :)
     @8fc8c4cafe4dc24e5763137e0a939e27 Sounds...good. I can't say that I've ever had it before, but I'll take Thimble's word for it. (If she says it was good. :) And by the way...WELCOME!!

  13. @8fc8c4cafe4dc24e5763137e0a939e27:disqus :LOL

  14.  Ug, a test today another tomorrow, seems to be the trend this summer. Any way, not to bore you all with tests again...lets see...oh yes, we had quite the night last night. The news was "TORNADO WARNINGS". So off we all went (there were some extra people spending the night) to fined a nice closet in the basement for the  SEVEN of us to SQUASH into (nice). ahhhhh uh no no wet wet!!! (sorry I was sitting outside and it decided to start pouring [don't worry  Rennuke, the net-book didn't get wet. ] ) Back to the story. Any way, after we did some drill and I got the girls all hugged , I told them that the worst that would happed is that we all get blooooown away, it didn't seem to help comfort them  any! They just hugged me more! I'm the one who has never even seen a reel one! All well, i'm glad I could be some help. Well, the warning was from 10 to midnight, so the girls all sat down to shake a bit and I tried to entertain them for another 1.5 hours, but at about 11:30 I said "i'm going to bed.  I have a test at 8:oo in the morning. So I was the bad girl and went to BED! Nothing ended up happening, but it makes for a good story.    THE END.

  15. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b We were wondering about that tonight as we watched the news channel. Glad to "hear" that you're all right. Our prayers are with ya. (I'll bet that those girls were glad that they had a strappin' young New Yorkian to help comfort them. :D  JK

  16. TheHunter: Yup you got it! As for the gun, BIG. The truck, lets just say BIGGER....                                                         
    Thank you for all you prayers. I be leave that thees natural disasters will be all the more common as our nation tuns its back to God. We serve a JEALOUS God.    asynctea: Some people tried to eat them whenthere was an exes, but they all started to get Leprosy, so the general thinking is not to eat them. WELCOME!       

  17. Bigger is (usually) better:)
    "watch out for tornados" bet they did not have that on the travel brochure.

  18. There is one nice thing about just having school to do all day. You can sit outside and get TAN! (I would rather  be outside doing work, getting muscles, and a tan, but I have to think of something!) I must not be doing to bad in the other department, because I was helping carry boxes the other day and was called an "OX" and a "WORK HORSE"! (I didn't think I would ever say this, but I think I like my nicknames from home better!)
    Gryphon: No they didn't...I wonder why? Haha
    This picture is a perfect example of  how I feel."Lord, can you just pick me up"   ruf ruf!! (I miss fetching things for you boys.) 
     Gryphon"I which my'n would do that" 

  19. WE are so much more creative in our nicknames:)
    (just challenge them to a board game,and pick the Thimble. They will see why you are called "The Thimble" soon enough:)

    Now,now my sister is very responsible and loving:)
    (turns away and gives out an enormous laugh)Yeah,I am just kidding:)(if you really miss getting us things that much, just send us a little something via next day delivery.)
    P.S: I need you to post publicly that for the duration of your absence,I am the official user of your Thimble in board games:)

  20. Gryphon: I would love to send you all something, but the thing is, stale cookies just are't that good.  (and I can'n think of anything else.) 
    As for the "The Thimble", I don't know...that is a lot of responsibility for you to have all summer. Hmmm, I will need to get responsibility updates on you from your brothers.(to see how you are progressing) 

  21. I just got back from horse back ridding! It was the best thing ever! We galloped  thought the fields, bar back, then splashed across the creek ( I fell off in it on the way back) galloped though some more fields. With the hair,wined, sweat and the rhythm of the horse......(sigh) that is about as good as it gets. Anyway, after the field and the creek we went to a pond and had the horses swim us across. (my horse kept trying to lay down!)

    TOTALER BLAST, you all need to try it someday. (falling of is invigorating too.)      

  22. That is awesome Rae! I once went riding,but it was a "professional trail".(which means they used every safety precaution known to man to suck the life out of it,but it was fun:)

    I will take your word on the benefits of falling off a moving horse.

    @TheAdministrators: What if we were to make this a permanent link like Battle Arena?(just for Rachels updates)
    What is everybody's take on the idea?

  23. And I might add that due to the Thimbles massive effects on a certain game of Risk,my brothers are desperate to remove the combined power of Wave/Thimble from my possession.(as the fact that I even SURVIVED in that game was due solely to the Thimble)So you can not trust anything they tell you! It is all lies!They are all after the Thimble.I am the only one that can understand it's full potential,so please restore the precious to my grasp:)

  24. Like I said, it is a lot or responsibility (I think it is going to his head!)

  25. I second the motion to linkify this post somewhere :)

    Yeah, I'll bet falling off was invigorating...helps getting boosted back up after, eh? :) When you get back, you'll have to invest in a ridable goat so you can continue these trail rides and creek falls. You could start a business...trail rides on goats. It would be an instant hit, I just bet.

  26. I think when I get home I will just have to content myself  with falling out of TREES!(right Hunter!)
    Erica, getting busted back up by a... is strictly confidential information! 

  27. Well I went to a Brethren church today, it was good. I think I will be going there the rest of the summer. Went swimming in the  lake, and played volleyball the rest of the afternoon. I think after I get back we should try a game again. once you practice, it can be a lot of fun! (and after playing all  summer, I might have a chance!)
    Know i'm really sore, and sun burnt.(maybe I will come back really TAN!)

  28. well do to requests I made this a like on the front page like the battle arena but it needs some technical modifications any Ideas Twy?
    good to hear from you Thimble wow I just did some thing I have never done before I was trying to tripe cap I but I hit some other kee at the same time and it made a um well like a cap T but chopped of at the middle has any one ever do something like that .....I cant seem to recreate.

  29. Um... Rennuke, no offense, but I think you shouldn't post so late at night (you must be tooo tired) I had to read your post three times to understand what you meant!! ( not that i'm one to talk, I can't even understand what I say sometimes!!)

  30. Rennuke  Hmm........Yes, it does seem bent on showing the comment count after a while. Well, I will look into this. The link still works but it shows the comment count instead of the name we give it.

  31. John 12:26 "If any man serve me, let him FOLLOW ME; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honor."  
    ruff, ruff... ffffollow... Lord how, my legs and ffffeet are sooo smmmall.
    Luke10:19"Behold, I give unto you power to TREAD on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the ENEMY: and NOTHING shall by ANY means hurt you,"

  32. Oh yes! Score! One less problem to be troubled over. We now have a OFFICIAL THIMBLE TRACKER thread link. and it only shows the name :)

  33. how did you fix the name problem  Twy ?

  34. Well, I am still unsure why it would show the comment count in the first place. But I just circumvented the problem. You see, The disqus comment system loads on top of the blogger system. So we where linking to the URL from the Disqus comments. So I shortened the URL by removing the Disqus part at the end. Thereby linking to the blogger page, not the Disqus comment system on top of it. Get it? Kinda? lol!

  35. Now we need Thimble to attach a GPS system to her arm or something,and have it directly feed to a radar on the "THIMBLE tracker".

    p.s:Thimble have a Risk game coming up could really use some Thimble magic right about now:)
    Please Thimbless your my only hope.

  36. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus Wow...Looks like you're having a ton of fun. :) I'm glad that you found a place to go to church. :) That's always a good thing. :)  I'm not sure about the dog seems a little scrawny. :) I prefer DOGS, not football sized....things. (But I suppose that it's just slightly cute.) And YES!!! We NEED to play a game when you get back! :) (Are the people that are teaching you any good?@The_Gryphon:disqus Sorry to break this to ya bro, but you're hopeless. :)

  37. Ug, long day...
    Hunter:  You don't like my doggy?): What are you implying that I look like if this dog is too small to be me? Maybe a MASTIFF!?
      I don't think I would say a "TUN of fun", remember it's not all weekends.(I just got another 84 words to learn.) 
    My teacher doesn't play, it is a bunch of teens from the community that get together on Sunday after church. I would say that they are all pretty good. (of cores, anything is good comparatively. Meaning me) 
    Gryphon: Don't get me started, but that sounds like a mark of the beast thing!! There is nooo way that I would do that!! This is already pushing it.  
     TWY: Thanks for whatever you did! (I didn't notice a prob though:)

  38. Ok, I hope tonight isn't like last night! You would thick I was staying in Africa! I started getting ready  for bed and I kept getting bugs on me, and around me, so I look up, and there are a HORDE of little green bugs, black ones and mouthes  swarming around my light! As I look around I fined to my dismay, that they are on the sealing, lamp, net-book screen, cell, ect....and ALL OVER ME!!  ( i'm not one to be freaked about bugs, but I don't like them crawling on me well I am TRYING to sleep!) Back to the story, so here I am trying to think of ways to squash all thees little bitty bugs, so first attempt, stand on the bed and SPLAT all the critters on to the light! Tooo many, but I must have gotten some, because I can still see there remains. (On everything! Light, net-book screen [ooops], bed, lamp shade...all well ) I couldn't figure out were they were  coming from! So finely, I tried distraction. I left the light on in the bathroom with the dour open  and slowly saw them all go in to my trap of bathroomnes . Then tried to go to sleep, with a lot more bites than I started the night out with! At breakfast this morning I mentioned my little friends and the older man said, Oh, that happens this time of year, that kind of bug comes out and come though your window SCREEN. I thought "well no wonder" I had the window open (with a screen on it to keep the bugs out)  trying to get some air, and instead I was getting a  tun of bugs! What a trade off!!
     Ohhh, my this was long. Hope I did't bore you all, but at night it is nice to do SOMETHING besides home work!! Thanks for putting up with me!(:

  39. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b I was thinking more along the lines of a Saint Bernard....JUST KIDDING!! That was a very clever way to ward off the swarms of "bugs". Next time just sleep with the window closed. What's that? It's to hot to do that? Hmmm...Have you thought about bug spray? Or I've heard that if you mix sugar and water together and spray it all over yourself, it helps to keep anything creepy-crawly at bay. You'll have to give that one a try and let us know how it all works out for you. :) One last thing: When you said that "this is already pushing it" what exactly were you referring too? The computer? Oh well...Keep up the good work. Think "sponge" and soak up everything that you read. :)

  40. TheHunter1 :WOW !!!!!!! You are definitely NOT having any Thimble luck this Risk game! :)

    @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b :I am simply going to say that being a Bernard is better than being what I am......a saint Chiunard.
    (all the annoying yapping without a Spanish accent)
    (but you have my deepest sympathy;I hate every form of Bug,which is my biggest reason for loving Winter.)

  41. P.S:Although you would think that the Chihuahua would be someone that has spent A LOT of time in MEXICO(say a winter or something) and KNOWS Spanish.(I have no one in particular in mind:P)

  42. thats craze almost the edsakt same thing happened to me the other night I was staing up late reading and since my light was out I was using my flashlight after awhile I could hear this wered busing nose and then I started to get bitten but the book was god so I just ignored them but finely I decided to see where it was coming from I shouldn't have looked. All over the selling and wall were these little black beetles and  flies there is NO way I'm going to sleep with THEM ( I have a hard time sleeping by my self! remember I'm on the to bunk so after considering my options I turned my light off and went to hide in the bathroom after a few minuets I cam back and they were all gone ! moms light was on so maybe they went to visit her :)

  43. Hunter: Um... Mastiffs are bigger than Saint Bernards (just for the books). As for the bug spray. Let me guess..."an old Indian scout told [you about it]".  Well..."I lammed you once...aand i'll do it again." (: I thought you might have been quoting "Parent Trap".
    Yes, I was talking about the computer.
    Gryphon: It is a chihuahua! (I had to look up how to spell that.) Keep up the good work man! You are getting   some THIMBLE points!!(instead of brownie  points)
    Rennuke: Poor you...I know the feeling. Maybe YYOU should try the sugar water too. You could spray it alll over your room. I will do the same, and we can see if we live to post about it! what do you say?! (maybe what I told Hunter?!)   

  44. Today as I did school (out side) a butterfly kept LANDING on me! It was the neatest thing. I don't think that has ever happed to me before! All I can think is that my shirt looked a lot like the butterfly when it landed on it, so it must have liked the collar.
    Just a bit of my day to tell. (you must all be falling asleep with my bug stores. Maybe I should try a new vein, like mosquitoes!:)   

  45. Twy: Your the computer man, you need to post more. I miss hearing about... whatever it is you do all day. (:

  46. The Future Mrs. BondJune 2, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    if you start posting about bees, then I'm outta here ;) Haha

  47. The Future Mrs. BondJune 2, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    That just reminded me of the time I "choked" on a bumblebee....and then we both laughed ourselves into a coma....I'd forgotten about that ;p

  48. Oh my...those  were the good old days.(: We need to get together sometime, eat lots of ice cream, and laugh ourselves into a good old coma! Maybe at a bachelorett  party?! HEhe
    I don't intend on telling any bee stores (I hope I don't run into any) so you should be ok.     

  49. "ohh look, its a cow!" HAHAHAHAH ...heheheheh (*rolling on the floor*)

  50. @717df338e6d9cccc8b68c7b605bceb7d:disqus :Bees and I have issues.I have had the buzzaphobia ever since I was going down Grandma's slide backwards and had a bee fly into and sting my ear.(of course I love honey so I guess bees are better then other bugs.)

    @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus :Yeah,he got his info from the "trap",try hitting two sticks together to scare away mountain lions :)
    ahem....well....that is a surprise.I did not expect that dog to be a Chihuahua;I was expecting a puppy or something!But now that I know what it is I have changed my official dog too the Saint Mastihuahua;A combination of all the dogs mentioned!
    applause please!
    *cricket cricket cricket
    oh well.
    So Thimble.......I need those Thimble points REAL quick!
    say tomorrow night :)

  51. P.S:"ohh look, its a Raccoon.....HAHAH.....ummm I do not get it but that is okay!(I do not get most stuff)

    P.S.S:Twilight Shadow is most busy right now filling out paper work for his future joke.

  52. Gryphon: several years ago (before we all got old)  the future Mrs. Bond's family and mine got together had ice cream you might have noticed FMrs.Bond and I have a tendency to get a little silly, to the point that we call it going into a comma( I don't think you have seen it go that far yet) so this night we lapsed into uncontrollable laughter. Sooo, her sensible level headed brother who could not for the life of him understand our joy or what on the earth we were finding funny(because every thing was funny by this time) tried to mimic us by saying,"ooh, look it's a cow. hahaha"  And it just stuck! So, we still use it today. Hope that helped.
    Why do you need THIMBLE points so soon? These things cant be rushed, but I can see what I can do, that is if it is urgent?   

  53. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus :I am not touching that "OLD" comment!
    But cool comas are good,I hear they are very restful!(take it from someone who has been in one before:)

    I would also like to say that compared with you two,even

    am level-headed and sensible!

    ummmm.....yeah,I need the Thimble points for a life and death scenario involving my hulking relatives,a Risk board, and a VERY long-caffeine inflated night......if that does not convince you of the urgency of my situation nothing will.

    P.S:All you need to do is send some pre-packaged thimble points to me via the web.(seeing as how Rennuke has vowed never to let me have the Thimble of Power again:)

  54. HA I could tell Some BEEEEEEEE storys that would raise the hare on the back of your neck! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA SOOOOOOO haw much is it worth to you to have me NOT post them?

  55. Ok, today... REALLY hot and humid!! It was a 114 in the sun on the deck. To say the leas,t I did NOT sit out on the deck and do school today. It is so humid I did't really want to sit INSIDE and do it!
    It was great seeing some of you at the game night! We missed you Reeds, but hope you had fun at you uncles. (that is were I gather you all were.)
    Gryphon: hmmm.. well I might be able to pass a few Thimble points your way, but what if they get INTERCEPTED and get into the WRONG hands  We might need to talk about some security here.
    I don't trust web security. You never know whew has taped in....(*grim look on face, while sitting in a char in the darkly lit "THIMBLE SECURITY" room.)  
    P.S I thought rummer had it that the Hunter had the Thimble in his care?(*Leans back in char with a great sigh [in security room] "hmmm.. I need to get that GPS fixed.")

  56. There is one bad thing about just having pictures of you all at the game night on my camera. It's  all I have to show people... "This is... (you are playing charades and doing LOGA!) Um... these are some of the guys...(you are all standing in front of the sink holding rags and making horribly strange faces) is a nice one...(We are standing in a line with bandannas raped around our heads!) No, really, we aren't always that goofy.. uhh here is us being perfectly normal. (We are all sitting around, with our hands in our mouth, laughing, yawning, eating and watching someone pretend to swim around the room.) Thats about as normal as it gets! That is the life, good friends, that I wouldn't trade for anything, laughter, and fun food!  We have something going people and it's  GREAT! ( but next time maybe I should take a few "normal" pictures!) Just so I don't have to say over and over "He or she doesn't really look like that."
    (MAYBE WE REALLY DO LOOK LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME!!) (: You are all sooo much fun :)

  57. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b :WHAT!? You realize that now that they have seen those pictures there is NO way they will ever believe we are semi-sane.(and yes,I know we are NOT,but they do not need to know that:) as for "normal" pictures, you will have to go to an individual(*coughERIKAcough) who always seems to get pictures of the unwary.
    (no matter how hard we hide!:)

    (you have my most heartfelt sympathies!)
    (let it snow
    let it snow
     let it snow:)

    The Thimble was great! I won 1-out-of-5 not bad considering I am usually the Black Freaks.Although because I did not have an actual Thimble with me at the time,some of the Thimble points rubbed off on the despised
    pink(and I mean that in the best possible way:)on the other board.oh well.

    The Sacred Thimble is in the reverential hands of Grand Duke Rennuke.

  58. Gryphon: I'm glad some of the Thimble points got to you in time (It does work better to have the real thing with you, but sound like it still worked ok.)  Ok, ghoooood at least I know were The Thimble sits. (I hope Rennukes security is better than mine...I need to work on it.)

  59. Gryphon: You better start singing louder, it is already up to 90. (and as humid as anything) 
    Maybe you should drink a bunch of caffeinated stuff and then go stand on the roof and sing on the top of your longs "LeT It SnOw LET It SnOw"!! It might just get here!! (Make sure to get Erica over there with her camera!!) (: 


  61. p.s:The game nights,as the Thimble says,are GREAT!

  62. Wow...there's an awful lot of posting here!! Thimble, it's great to hear all the updates! I agree-- let me know when Gryphon has consumed his caffeine and is doing his snow dance, and I'll record it for you :)


  64. WHAT I didn't tell you  about Gryphon doing tha...........

  65. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I just got back from  MOON LIT horse back ridding!!!! There is nothing, NOTHING like ridding threw moon lit fields, then swimming with the hoses in a temped (like bath water) pond, slowly trotting up a path threw the woods with the moon at the end of the tunnel. I cant describe it at all how it really felt, but lets just say that one of thees days I want to get a horse.   (Just to go and answer the Snells question (which  I am sure is already on the tip of there tong) no cowboys went with us this time. ( I think I scared him away after the first ride. He probably saw me fall of the horse and thought the same thing the Hunter did "this girl is trouble prone." He hasn't even seen me clime a tree yet!!  
    All well, some day if I have a tun of land and several horses I will have you all up and we will have a NON guided (and all around taken the fun out of) ride!! (BAR BACK!!)    

  66. GREAT!!! Just pulled a tick off and it ran off into my BED!!! So much for that, I will just be polling it off again tomorrow. (That is one bad thing about ridding bar back.) Tooo bad, it was sooo worth it!!

  67. UGG didn't that stuff gramma sent you work?
    By the way if you tell one more story about your wonderfol glaress amasing to die for horse back rides I think I'm going to have a conniptions!

  68. We just need to get one!!

  69. Rennuke This is what's going to be coming next: "But Dad!....It can sleep in my room. And it won't be any trouble to you at all. Just think about how useful it could be!"  I'm sure that you've dealt with little sisters before so I probably didn't need to tell you that,but in my brief experience with them, I have found that it never hurts to remind a fellow older brother about some of the dangers. :) STAND STRONG!!

  70. TheHunter1 :Are you talking about a horse or the ticks?

  71. Hunter: Rennuke wants one as bad as I do!!(:
    Gryphon: I was talking about polling the tick off me and getting it from the horse.

  72. Hunter: YOU SHOULD get one! You have the land and wasn't it a horse plays once? Then it can eat down stuff for you (not so much mowing for Twy) and I could come over and ride whenever, because you live so close!! I like it...What did you say?... Your dad just  started talking about MOVING!?!?!  (Timing is every thing)

  73. Getting a horse is a VERY good idea!
    (seeing as how I am mowing 1/2 the lawn now)

  74. Gryphon: You can write  me a ten page articles on the benefits of having a horse to give to your dad! That would definitely get you a bunch of Thimble points!!
     I thought of you today when I was doing a rather odd  assignment. I was looking up jokes for a   mission outreach  that I am in every Tuesday. I broke out laughing at these, so I though you all might get a laugh out of them too!
    "who is the greatest babysitter mentioned in the Bible?" DAVID, he rocked Goliath to sleep."
    "How long did Cain dislike his brother? As long as he was Able."
    My favorite! "Why couldn't Noah's wife and sons play cards on the Ark? Because Noah was sitting on the DECK. HAHAHAHheheheheh(:
    Ok, I will spar you all the rest tonight, But if any of you have something to add to my list please do!

  75. Well, I have a very "lame" joke.  My leg fell off.  Haha, I got that one from Buzz.

  76. @TheCocoaNut:disqus : ........................................................Wow............just wow.
    Your joke was very good. I think thats the kind of joke you tell late at night when people are half asleep :)

    @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus : No. I refuse to get a horse. the only horse I ever want to ride is my mustang. Or the tractor, but that's horse power.

    @The_Gryphon:disqus : You poor thing!!! Let my get a little cheese to go with your wine! I was mowing ALL the yard and down the trail (All the way down the trail) AND the camp site AND around the field AND down the side..............It was an all day affair. Yes that was a run on sentence. Not to mention sneezing my head off and blowing my nose every 2 minutes. Oh, I also had to go all the way back to the house to blow the screen off for the tractor so it wouldn't overheat. Gas, lets not forget that I had to go farther to get gas for the tractor before country fair added the right stuff  to their station. 

    Ok, rage time is over.

  77. @Twilight_Shadow:disqus Do YOU want me to get you some cheese for your whine? (You poor, poor, baby.)
    @TheCocoaNut:disqus Hahaha :)
    @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus Gryphon wouldn't want the horse. Then he'd have to take care of it. If you really wanted to hear some complaining, that would be the thing to get for him. :) (And yes our place was a horse place once, but's it's not anymore. :) NOW it's a Reed raising, fruit tree producing, animal shooting, gardening place. Not to mention the "falling out of trees" part. :P Which, I might add, "I" have never done with a harness on. :) )

  78. Twilight_Shadow :I was not complaining,I was giving backstory to my change of opinion on horse owning.(Of course as Hunter so eloquently said,I would have to take care of it or something,and would soon kill it for horse meat.)

    TheHunter1 :YOU may not have fallen out of a tree,but a certain someone else has....hmmmmm...who was it?
    (this unnamed person's alias starts with a "T" and rhymes with "himble".)


    Here are a few:

    All the waterfowl kept their eyes closed except for
    one. He was a Peking Duck.


    When the shocked IRS
    agent was found guilty of tax evasion he had to take time to collect himself.                  


    I used to like
    Russian dolls until I realised they were full of themselves!


    If a Norwegian robot analyzes a bird, it Scandinavian.


    The failure of the third largest manufacturer of baby's toys
    was enough to rattle the entire industry.


    I was studying in an
    apiary class. This resulted in me receiving a bee on my exam.                   


    A photographer was great at botany because he knew photo


    The topiary artist
    invested all his money in shears and hedge funds.            


    When asked about
    rumors that he owned a bakery, Shakespeare replied, 'It's much a-dough about


    I saw gasoline
    selling for one dollar a gallon, but then I saw that March had just ended. It
    was an April fuel's joke.


    I like jokes a lot, and have a collection of them. Does anyone else want to post jokes/puns/riddles? I was thinking maybe we could have another link on the side for that kind of thing - or maybe no one is really interested :) May the moderators decide!

  80. How Thimble! Is gute to see your blog. Cheyenne Ayda will visit on strange new posty thing often. Um like Horses too! 

  81. How Thimble! Is gute to see your blog. Cheyenne Ayda will visit on strange new posty thing often. Um like Horses too!

  82. Twy: Sounds like you could TYPE a paper on one really good reason to get a horse!  
    Hunter: your life must be VERY boring without   having the experience of falling out of trees. Harnesses are for...  hmm..people that don't enjoy having a good thrill in life (and cool scars!) YOU can get all SOFT and TENDER by staying on the ground if you so desire.  
    Gryphon: you would't have to take care of it, I would. You get the best of BOTH worlds! 

  83. To all: If I do not post much in the next few days it is because I am going early Saturday morning to go help with massive tornado destruction about two in a half hours a way (it could have been our town!). I will be there all day working to clear junk with a team. So to say the least that is one day of school I will not be around for, so I am trying to make up for the soon to be lost day.
    But, I am learning that when God directs, you don't ask how it will work, just know that if He calls He will give you the power to accomplish what He called you to do. 
    I had said "NO" to going with the  first crew that whent. I thought "I am here to do something this summer this is a side thing  and  I cant get them BOTH dun." So I put out of  my mind. (well I tried) But when God has a plan he doesn't let US easily forget it. So, my next excuse was "God, if I were to go I would need good shoos, and all I have is saddles (I accidently left my shoos at home). Well as if to say "thats no problem for me, I want you to go" the mail man came to the doer with a box and it was for me. I thought "cool a box from home!!" (I didn't know they had sent my shoos!) I popped it open, and there were my SHOOS!! Were GOD leads, HE will make a way. And it will ALL work out! ( maybe not how WE think it should) What was I thinking that I would just come and study all summer. GOD has bigger things in mind and I cant wait to see them unfold!!  

  84. How Thimble! Much wisdom you learn you must teach Cheyenne Ayda. Following God is much best path.

  85. Cheyenne Ayda request that persons know who um is no tell comrades.

  86. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b If you want to call me soft, then I have no problems with that. However, I will stay alive longer if I DO wear a SAFETY harness. (If that last statement didn't tell you already, then I'll just clarify for you. I DO climb trees, and quite frequently. ) It's awesome to see  how God has provided for your needs. AND how He's showed you where to go. Great to see that you're sensitive to His leading. :) Continue the great work and DON'T GET HURT!....Workhorse. :D
    Winona17 Sounds cool to me. :)

  87. Hunter: You can't enjoy climbing trees with a safety thing on. That is like ridding a horse with a helmet and a tour guyed! "He that saves his life shall louse  it." Somebody has to be care full though I guess, because I use more than my share of angles. ( Like the other day when we went swimming the raft deck thing got rocked, it was a lot of fun just to hold on for the ride,but when it  rocked so that it was at a 90 degree angle to the water (and more). I thought I better let go, so I jumped and it came down with a splash. It should have hit us on the head! But, like I said thous  angle are busy.)  ENJOY life to the FULLEST!! 

  88. Today I did a tun of school. I should be in bed right know, but it sooo nice to do something in the evening besides bed and school.
    Today was really hot again, so some of the kids went swimming and invited me along. So I plunged into my school (pun intended) with new vigor at the thought of the fun that awaited. We had a great time trying to squeeze as many people as POSSIBLE on a inner tub ( we managed ten![that was all the people that came!]) So in the midst of the masses of arms and legs, we did it!! Then when we got so we were all even and not tipping, they thought we should take a picture!! which involved them yelling there lungs  off until some buddys dad came  and said he would GO GET a camera. We sat there all tide in knots drifting  for 15m waiting for the camera man to get back. By the time he did I was to my neck in water and wishing my ears were in it to, because every time it started tipping some of them would start SCREAMING and it was a little to tight of a space to be SCREAMING all the time. (someone said what is that on the shore, so the girl next to me and I looked at the same time and almost hit our NOSES together!)  It was fun! Then I came back and did more school, have a test tomorrow. All well this is getting long. Let me know if I am boring you all with my story's. 

  89. cheyenne Ayda: How, Welcome. We come in peace. Post all you wish.

  90. Thimble: How, Cheyenne Ayda much thank you for peaceful and warm greeting.

  91. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus I must say that enjoying life to fullest will not mean much if your life only lasts for a couple more seconds :)

    @Winona17:disqus Here are a few more:

    After reading the Christmas story,a Sunday School teacher asks her class "who decreed that all the world should be taxed?" A young boy yelled out,"Democrats!"

    What is the difference between a politician and a terrorist?
    You can negotiate with terrorists.

    Did you here about the guy who lost his whole left side?

    He's alright now!

    A man consults a therapist and states, “Doc, I’m suicidal. What should I do?”

    The doctor replies, “Pay in advance.”

    99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name

    Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

  92. Gryphon: I don't agree! 
    Oh,I thought of you and Rennuke today. We had a man over for dinner and he talked for an hour about battles and ships,  general this,  Sargent that,  lake this and fort so in so ect.... I would have PAAAAID  to have had a translator! I thought of how much fun you and Rennuke would have had with him. You all would have been there at the table all night talking and telling of battles and worse and heroes. 
    You will just have to come visit!!  

  93. I didn't know what I was starting with those jokes 
     "when was the first meat mentioned in the Bible?
    When Noah took Ham into the Ark!! (:

  94. AHHHHHH, being over run with SCHOOL!!! I am leaving at 4:20 tomorrow morning to go with Samaritans Purse. You would be surprised how much not doing school on Saturday can get you behind in school!! I am already  tired just thinking about the weekend!!
    I told you  all days ago that I might be too busy to post, but it turns out I am posting enough that you all hardly have a chance to get a post in!(: 

  95. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b :YES!yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
    yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes.........(takes deep breath) ummmm,yeah,I think it would be cool..A good history fanatic is always welcome conversation.(how old was he?what did he talk about?I need some facts,before I go firing away with all cannons)

    But seeing as how I can not go down there,why not see if he wants to come to the blog.(unless you do not want him to know what kind of friends you keep;)

    P.S:HOW much $$$ would you pay for a translator?:)

  96. I know exactly what you started with your jokes

    The Children of Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years.
    The Children of Israel conquered the promised land.
    The Children of Israel were taken into captivity.
    The Children of Israel returned to their land.
    My question is didn't the ADULTS do anything?!

  97. @The_Gryphon They died in the desert.

  98.  2 @061ba395175a4beb766460f416ddad3b:disqus  it was a joke you suppose to laugh hahahahahHAHAHAHAHHAH :)

  99. @runnuke: I understood it was a joke. And I have enjoyed a number of the joke/riddles on the blog.

  100. I knew you knew it was a joke.
     But I didn't know you knew I knew you it was a joke, so I was trying to make a joke about you not knowing I knew that you that you knew it was a joke. So I thought I had the edge because I knew but now I know that I didn't know what  thought I knew.
    My profound apologizes :)

  101. HI ALL!! I just got back! What a day!!! I have never seen anything like it in the world maybe I can post some picks later. Right know I just want to GO TO BED!! All went well, I raked and pulled stuff out of HUGE mounds of sticks, wood, tubs, fridges, cloths, pictures, books.........ect.. you name it, it was in a mound. We  had about 60 people on our work site to start and by the end it was 20 or so of us. It was the best thing to see the church of Christ all over America get together to help a town in need. People from ALL states were there to help were they could...I could talk all night about this trip ( i think i am still running off adrenalin) but i really NEED to go to BED. So I will stop right NOW! But no one got hurt on our teem except... oh yea.. going to bed... NIGHT! The best thing was praying all together as a team. I think we all prayed together 5 times together today. It was awesome to have the same goal, to help people see CHRIST and HIS love flowing out of all those volunteers.
    ENDING KNOW...REALLY!       

  102. @Rennuke: No apologies needed. (Although I think that this content would fit the original intent of the battle area better than that of the thimbletracker) I know now that I did not (grasp or rather) know the extent to which you knew that I knew it was a joke.

  103. Good to see that you actually earned your keep THIMBLE. :) It was about time.  I'll bet that you earned your nickname down there too. Workhorse. I'm sure that the whole team was happy to have you along. :P

  104. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus :Good job! You never know who is watching, and you showed a good example.Good job again!

  105. Here is a few pictures from Joplin. I am thinking of going again on Thursday and staying over night and helping all day Friday. We will see were the Lord leads.  I which you could all come and help!(: There were people that had come from  Australia working on our team!  The people you see are some of the people that were on our team.

  106. Ok, not going back this week. REALLY need to get some more school dun.

  107. man thous or pity nasty looking:-(

  108. devastating :(

  109. wow!! Did you all miss me?!(Well I missed posting   even if you didn't miss hearing about me.) 
    Well, hmm,... Sunday I went swimming and played volleyball, heh, which I am beginning to think is hopeless (and my team has thought that for a time, but I really impressed it into one of there minds on Sunday.) I was up to serve and I am often ok at that, but I hit the ball and it went a bit low, so instead of going over the net it hit one of my team right smack dab in the back of the HEAD!!  (I couldn't help myself, I doubled over in laughter!!! (poor guy.) He just turned around and sorta grind at me.  
    I went swimming again on Monday with some friends after a long day of school. (no volleyball:) I guess all that swimming is paying off, I was told today that I have gotten a lot tanner over the past two weeks. I went swimming yesterday too!!
    Pretty much that has been it, doing school and swimming.  oh, and I take walks like twice a day or whenever it is cool enough. We are just starting to get some barres!! I think I picked the first ripe one of the year today on one of my walks. yummmmmy!!
    We have a dog staying with us, so he takes walked with me. Since I walk along the lake for a stretch he will just stop and walk in all the time!! And I get to stand there in the blazing sun and watch him get ALL COOLED OFF!!! UGG!!  (not fair)  But it is nice to have the company(-;  
    Well, got to get to bed. I have lessons at 8:30 in the morning. Talk to you all later!     

  110. V-ball + Swimming + a decent dog= jealousy

  111. Gryphon: You forgot the 30 pages in my text book that I read and the 20 pages in the work book. Which I had to do BEFORE I did those things.

  112. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus What kind of berries were they? You kinda left that open ended. Simply saying that they were "berries" could mean a few things. (Strawberries? Blackberries? Raspberries? Black Raspberries? Cranberries? Elderberries?) ( Poison berries? No? Rats!) I expected that a farmer with your reputation would be a little bit more specific. :P

  113. Erika: heh, no but if I do I might just have to sample them(; 
    Hunter: I didn't say the kind of berries, not because I didn't know the name, but because I didn't figure YOU would know what I was talking about. (: (that might have gone better on the battle arena!(: 

  114. ahhh, busy day. First got up, went to town and shopped FOR EVER, on the way home we got a flat tier and had to wait in the REALLY hot car until we could get it fixed, got home, found out a bunch of people had called to see if I wanted to go swimming and play volleyball (they all called wile the boss of the house was trying to take a nap and he was the only one home to answer!) So I walked right over, played three games of V ball (I didn't hit any buddy!) As I was walking home I saw a SKUNK!!! (how fun!!:) It was REALLY cute!! I did what any sensible person would have dun, I walked very quietly away. When I thought I was of a safe distance I started throwing rocks at it. I thought it would be cool to see it spray!! But out of ALL the skunks  in the world the one I got just put its tall between its lags and RAN AWAY!!! What fun is that!!!!

  115. ok, if I needed to prove that I have a dreadful idea of what it is to have a sense of humor, here is some evidence: 

    What's orange and sounds
    like a parrot? 

    A carrot 

    How do you catch a unique rabbit? 

    "Unique" up on it. 

    How do you catch a tame rabbit? 

    "Tame" way. 

    What do you call a defective boomerang? 

    A stick. 

    Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? 

    He was dead. 

    Why did the chicken fall out of the tree? 

    He was stapled to the monkey. 

    Why did the squirrel fall out of the tree? 

    Peer pressure. 

    What do you call a fish with no eye? 


    What do you call a deer with no eye? 

    No ideer. 

    What do you call bears with no ears? 


    What do you call a dog with no legs? 

    Doesn't matter-- he can't come to you anyway. 

    What do you do with a dog with no legs? 

    Take him out for a drag. 

    When geese fly south, why is one side of the V
    usually longer than the other? 

    There are more geese on that side. 

    What do you call Santa's helpers? 

    Subordinate clauses. 

    What do Billy the Kid and Winnie the Pooh have in

    Same middle name. 

    What do you call a missing parrot? 

    A polygon. 

    Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of

    She had mittens. 

  116. Winona those were what I call groaners :)
    Ps thimble throwing rocks at a skunk was right up there with the time you........ well maybe I'd better not say but that was not smart. ho well I guess you survived :)

  117. "WAAAHAAHOOOO!!!!!" Then Miss Frizzle goes plunging into someone's blood stream,but do you notice that nothing bad ever happens in those shows?
    They should have made,"Magic Schoolbuss takes on the Russian Mafia".

    p.s:Just make sure that doing the "Thimble Thing" does not end up placing you in a full body cast:)
    (wait that would mean the rest of us would be that much safer:)

  118. Yeah!! They had a great affect on you. Like twirling around on a tire swing and getting thrown off. Or sweeping yourself off your own feet(Bahahahaha) out of a tree house. If  THOSE things didn't teach you a lot...then I don't know what will. :)

  119. Hunter: Your right i"m hopeless, but life sure is a lot more interesting because of it(:  Gryphon:I HAVE been thinking on the hole body cast thing of late, because if I jump off the pier into the lake wrong I could just end up in one!! But, that is just how life is. You live and learn. 
      (you did that Mrs. Frizzle laugh very well(: (nothing bad has ever happened to me ETHER! I'm still alive to tell you all those stores(:  (Thank you Hunter for bring up such fond memories. I laughed really hard. HAHAHA!!(: 

  120. I feel that I should add to the Thimble stories collection....sadly, I have some absolute DOOZIES that can't be posted here. :P (although she should be thankful, haha).

    I have to say, Thimble, your hopeless adventurism makes not just your life interesting, but everyone else's too. I'm thinking of beaver pond expeditions...and being "chased" at that farmer's market thing when we bumped into that horse thing (remember???)...and painful sledding experiences...and crashing through the brush...and the list goes on. Don't stop being crazy or I'll look bad by myself!! ;)

    Also, Winona...I thought I knew the extent of your corny humor... :P

  121. Oh, are we trying to think of funny stories with the Thimble?

    -Ditch snow angels
    -the musical strains of the melodica during special music at church, harmonizing with the nerve shattering blasts of the trumpet, the teeth grating squeals of the flute and recorder...
    - the pumpkin stand at Andrew's house...
    - Maple Tree Bakery
    -near strandedness on Beaver Pond with Michael's archaic and leaky ark
    - Restaurants. Especially the noodle water Mrs. L ordered to keep herself from freezing outside... and the slurpable pudding...and green hands.
    - Tag and Uno
    - the Breaking of the Couch Leg when two Certain Individuals sat upon said couch
    - GGIJ and GGIR
    - "Let's go for a walk!!"
    - Vain attempts at getting lost. Next time...we just need to leave the camera and cell phone at home and plan enough time to suitably get lost.
    - dissections and meltings of slugs.
    - ...monopoly...

    Sadly, these tales predominately involve a select portion of the blog readers. I invite all of you to post various and humorous stories :D

  122. What!! Did I see Jess I mean JESSICA SNELL!!  Here?!! Wow. Man alive! We fell Privileged  so be honest with us :  Um I was going to say some thing is Spanish but my translator said it three different ways so which is right ? Microsoft: ¿fue la presión o porque no había sido en tanto Mam? ¿O hay otras razones?
    Google:era sólo la presión de los compañeros o porque no había estado en Mam en tanto tiempo? ¿O hay otras razones?

     SDL: Es simplemente la presión de los compañeros o porque usted no había sido en tan largo Mam? O ¿hay otras razones?Whats with that?

  123. Erika Snell Those were awesome... although I'm hoping the majority of readers don't know which ones I'm implicated in. :P

    Rennuke Haha, don't be too shocked if it doesn't last. As for the Spanish, all three of them are pretty close, but Google's is the most accurate and understandable. And I'd have to say it was mostly the Thimble's "peer pressure." :) (...o, debo usar español para responder? en ese caso, sí, era la presion de una amiga...el thimble, jaja (yo no sé la palabra en español que significa "thimble" y no quiero aprender un otra flojera!) . Ella me dijo que yo deberia chequar el blog y, por eso yo escribí mi post.)

  124. Jessica Snell :Do you always do what your friends tell you to do?:)
    In that case Thimble also tells you to give gryphon all your money then volunteer to make apple pies for all the Homeschool group.
    oh well
    But it is good for people to post.We only need a few more people and we could have the whole game night on the Battle Arena.
    (and yes everybody knows you were an accomplice or instigator of those plots:)

  125. and "Thimble" can not be understood in any other language.It is 100% American!

  126. Ah, Cheyenne have many stories of um and Thimble.

    Crazy hill, make much bad head pain.

    Igloo like eskimo, but no enough ventilation.

    Thimble and Cheyenne race sled like horse up hill, much hard work.

    Mud slide, Thimble suggest, but think much better for Cheyenne to go first.

    Much people no fit well standing on one raft, Cheyenne like do it again though.

    It's cutting through branch Thimble, but no worry, it fine.

    Thimble and Cheyenne make much good puffer fish faces.

    *war Shreak* Only cat, no fear. But um thinks we should run back.

    Carrots much good fun!

    Cheyenne have much good time with Thimble!

  127. Gryphon: You are right!! Thimble is 100 % American!!
    Cheyenne: WWWHHHHAAAAAAhhhhh.....I started laughing  so hard I... um... never mined. 

  128. I FOUND A PET TO FATTEN UP!!(i must be desperate) On my walk yesterday I met Archibalddeness!! (she has quite the name to live up to, but I think she can handle it.) I took her home, (much to every ones chock),  and made her a little  house (with a nice snug lid. I have been warned they can run fast.)
     I had heard that certain types of  centipedes are poisonous, so I figured I should ask. I took Archibalddeness out to ask one of the boys if they new anything about them. He took a look at it, kinda stumbled back and said, yyyeeaa ttthe're poisonous and fast. Pout the lid on it! I would just squash it. I said that I wasn't going to kill it, I thought it was COOL, because they don't get this big in NY. He just kept an eye on the container, with one eyebrow in a concerned position until I pout the lid on and took it back to my room. 
    Ok, so they are poisonous lots of pets are!! 
    I think Archibalddeness and I will get along just fine.(if I can keep her away from any squashing boots.(:      

  129. Seriously Thimble?
    you are serious?
    You have officially fallen off the deep-end.
    (but I guess you need to get poisons for "special" recipes from somewhere)
    Just remember that she stays down there,up in NY we know what to do with poisonous bugs.;)

  130.  Gryphon:SHE IS COMING HOME WITH ME!!(:

  131. Aww, Archibalddness is so adorable I just want to hug her between two cement blocks... :)

    Thimble, you need a cat.

  132. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b yes go with a a women eating mountain lion.

  133. Gryphon: I don't get it. "go with a cat..."?

  134. Erika: I will be sure to bring her to visit you, so you can hug her all you want, but I think she will visit you in your bed when you don't have any cement blocks just pillows.(:  

  135. Ahhhh, just got back from playing three or four games of v-ball (I lost count). Both teams did really bad. It was more like sorry ball, that is about all any buddy said.
     People claim that I am getting better, maybe there is some hope!About all the swimming I got to do was to jump off the bored to swim and get the ball. ( The V- court is right by the lake, so that happens on a regular bases:)

  136. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b If you EVER bring that thing to New York, I'm fleeing, and I won't stop until I get at least to Montana.  And I'm never coming back, either!! :)

  137. YES!!!!!!! um I mean thimble you sure can bring it up with you no one should  tell you not to but I DO have two questions 1: are you sure this guy knows what he is talking about? I mean yeah centipedes can be poisonous, but THAT one isn't because it's a MILLEPEDE! 2 how do you know it's a girl? :)

  138. Rennuke: I think he dose know what he is talking about, because several other people said the same thing. And I think ether can be poisonous. I should look it up , but i haven't had the time. 
    Ummm... it is a girl, because I wanted to use the name Archibalddeness!!Anyone: If any of you would like, you could look up what to feed Millipedes and if they are poisonous!(:  No?, that's fine, I understand it isn't azactly your thing.(:

  139. Ha thimble I looked it up and this is what I found:Housing and Feeding
    Your Millipedes
    Place orchid
    bark in the bottom of a glass or plastic aquarium. Place a few clumps
    of damp sphagnum moss in difference places in the tank; also place clumps
    of dry moss in tank. Millipedes may be kept at room temperature in rooms
    that get no colder than 72 degrees during the day. No special lighting
    is required. When the substrate is soiled or wet, remove and replace with
    fresh material.

    Feed dark leafy greens,
    pieces of apple or potato. Since they are scavengers, millipedes may wait
    until the food has begun to rot a bit before eating it, so don't be too
    hasty to clean out uneaten food. Drinking water must be provided by misting
    the sides of the tank and some of the moss every day. Remove really rotted
    food, replacing it with fresh foods every couple of days.

    Do not be surprised
    if you find yourself raising a crop of fruit flies in with your millipedes.
    So long as there are no other food sources around, the flies will stay
    in the millipede tank. When you disturb the tank for whatever reason,
    the flies will fly out and about, but will eventually return to the tank.

  140. Hahahahaha!!! Rennuke make Cheyenne laugh!!!! Much amusing instructions!

  141. Rennuke: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! IT was a great help!( I love you!) No body saw that!! hehe 
    To bad, it is the truth!

  142. Rennuke :a very detailed essay on millipede care.
    impressive...most impressive...but you are not a botanist yet.

  143. your one to talk.... well you did have that special FEEL for that tree... :)  So maybe you could claim some states on shear intimacy with the subject  

  144. Rennuke: who were you talking to?
    I am sitting outside doing school and sweating. Ok, that was lame... hmmm, Archibalddeness is doing GOOD!! (: She says "Hi" to you all!

  145. THE THIMBLE:  HI ARCHIBALDDENESS!!, eating your greens, hows the weather were ever you are, is the thimble treating you well, hey bite her once will ya.sigh  oh and um hi thimble 

  146. Well Thimble is home for a week and then back to school for anther month so she probably wont post much until she leaves again.

  147. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus Can I babysit Archie' whilst you're away? He won't get hurt...promise.

  148. ok, it's been so long since I have posted jokes and I don't know if I have done these yet, but I don't think so. My apologies if I have!

    another word for thesaurus? 

    One time a cop pulled me over for running a stop sign. He said "Didn't you
    see the stop sign." I said "Yeah, but I don't believe everything I

    I just bought a microwave fireplace... You can spend an evening in front of it
    in only eight minutes... 

    I replaced the headlights in my car with strobe lights. Now it looks like I'm
    the only one moving. 

    I was pulled over for speeding today. The officer said, "Don't you know
    the speed limit is 55 miles an hour?" I replied, "Yes, but I wasn't
    going to be out that long. 

    I wrote a song, but I can't read music. Every time I hear a new song on the
    radio I think 'Hey, maybe I wrote that.' 

    I've writing a book. I've got the page numbers done. 

    I was born by Caesarean section, but you really can't tell...except that when I
    leave my house, I always go out the window... 

    It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it... 

    You can't have everything...Where would you put it? 

    Do you think that when they asked George Washington for ID that he just whipped
    out a quarter? 

    I have a hobby...I have the world's largest collection of sea shells. I keep it
    scattered on beaches all over the world. Maybe you've seen some of it... 

    I broke a mirror in my house. I'm supposed to get seven years of bad luck, but
    my lawyer thinks he can get me five. 

    I like to reminisce with people I don't know ... 

    Ever notice how irons have a setting for PERMANENT press? I don't get it...

  149. Winona17  Answer to joke #1 synonymicon. ;) I looked it up in the Thesaurus. :)

  150. haha, irons are only permanent when you put in a crease you don't want. 

  151. Winonai17:  hahaha very good! here's a one  right back at you.

            A cop pulls a man over for going 125 mph. The cop gets out of his car, and walks over to the man in his car. the cop asks the man if he knew how fast he was going. the man simpley nods his head and says ''125  sir''. the cop shakes his head and asks ''why were you going that fast''. the man looks at him stupidly and says ''because that's what that sign said to go''. he said pointing at  a sign. the cop starts to laugh uncontrolabley , in between laugh's he says ''that's the route number'' the cop stands up and looks in the back seat and sees two teenagers with there hair sticking backwards , the cop settles himself down and asks what had happend to them. the man smiles and says ''Oh them, we just got off route 280''.                

  152. ThePheonix Hahaha!!! That was a great! :)

  153. General McKenzie was in charge of
    the Navy, and he was visiting his colleague General Marshall, who was
    in charge of the Army. McKenzie arrives at the military camp and is
    greeted by Marshall. They both walk around the place, and McKensie asks:
    "So how are your men?"
    "Very well trained, Gral. McKenzie."
    "I hope so. You see, my men over at the Navy are so well trained, you
    could see they're the bravest men all over the country." "Well, my men
    are very brave, too."
    "I'd like to see that."
    So Marshall calls private Cooper and says: "Private Johnson! I want you to stop that tank coming here with your body!"
    "Are you crazy? It'd kill me, you idiot! I'm out of here!" As private
    Johnson ran away, Marshall turned to a bewildered McKenzie and said:
    "You see? You have to be pretty brave to talk like that to a general."

  154. My 2bitts worth :)

  155. @Rennuke:disqus LOL! That was great!

  156. @Rennuke:disqus  : A joke worthy to go down in the anoles of joke history   

  157. @Rennuke:disqus  and @ThePheonix:disqus  - very funny :)

    Here are some more things - ways to annoy people, possibly, that seemed quite funny! (Not that any of us need to know better how to annoy people, or anything :p) 

    the filling out of all the Oreos, and place the cookie parts back.

    a Norwegian accent. If Norwegian, affect a Southern drawl.

     Deliberately hum songs that will remain lodged
    in other people’s heads.

     While making presentations, occasionally bob
    your head. like a parakeet.

     Lie obviously about trivial things such as the
    time of day.

     Leave your Christmas lights up and lit until

     Change your name to "AaJohn Aaaaasmith"
    for the great glory of being first in the phone book. Claim it's a Hawaiian
    name, and demand that people pronounce each "a."

     Sit in your front yard pointing a hair dryer
    at passing cars to see if they slow down.

     Chew on pens that you've borrowed.

    to 33rpm records at 45rpm speed, and claim the faster speed is necessary
    because of your "superior mental processing."

     Sing along at the opera.

     Mow your lawn with scissors.

     At a golf tournament, chant

     Ask the waitress for an extra seat for your
    "imaginary friend."

     Go to a poetry recital and ask why each poem
    doesn't rhyme.

     Ask your co-workers mysterious questions, and
    then scribble their answers in a notebook. Mutter something about "psychological

     Stare at static on the TV and claim you can
    see a "magic picture."

     Select the same song on the jukebox fifty

     Never make eye contact.

     Never break eye contact.

     Construct elaborate "crop circles"
    in your front lawn.

    your own pretend "tricorder," and "scan" people with it,
    announcing the results.

    appointments for the 31st of September.

    lots of people to other people's parties.

  158. Winona17 , if you will kindly scrape the filling out with a knife, instead of licking it, I'll gladly eat the cookie part. :)

  159. At least, it'd be better than eating the filling too. :) I'd rather have ice cream though. :)

  160. Winona17 : ouch cutting the grass with scissors that would get painful (not that I ever done it  :)  ). as for annoying people, i've got just the trick. Go into a fancy restaurant,and order some  tea. Then pick up the  tea,and slurp. now the most important part I can  not stress the importance of this. slurp with your pinkie extended. then as as you see the manager coming get up and run for the your car.   then once your in the car hit the gas,and go about 20 mph over the speed limit to a Walmart, and blend in with the people.       

  161. I WOULD ask for a place at the table for my imaginary friend! :)

  162. To everyone that is curious who Gryphon's imaginary friend is,  His name is Mason.

  163. To everyone that is curious TheHunter is going into a state of severe psychosis due to changing to the nightshift,and loss of sleep.

    (nothing he says can be trusted,least of all allegations of others mental instabilities)

  164. @The_Gryphon:disqus  This coming from someone who has an imaginary friend

  165. How do you know its an imaginary friend? Maybe Hunter just can't see him ? You might think that's not likely but if you new how many times he mist an Awassa Bomber until it was right on top of him you'd think it just might be possible. :)

  166. An update on Archiboldess "Archie"
    She is doing fine and just moved from her apartment in a trailer to a condo on Satin Island were she seems to like it quite a lot if you want I can post pictures.

  167. @Rennuke:disqus so your saying that since the hunter missed the Awassa bomber coming because he  has bad eye sight, so the same thing could be said  about oh say somebody missing a monkey lord sneaking up on him. :) 

  168. Rennuke I'm just happy that Archie is far, far away.  I hate little creepy crawly things, especially when they're poisonous.

  169. Awassa bomber is the size of the larger plane in picture #1.
    Monkeylord is the size of the smaller plane in picture #1
    (yeah that small,itty,bitty, plane in the corner of the picture there.If you can not see it do not feel bad,it has cloak too)

    So who has better eye-sight? He who misses a monkeylord, or he who misses an Awassa?

    Mason is very real.If you can not see him it is does not mean he does not exist ;)
    (Some people try to cover there own insecurities by saying that some people do not exist!)

  170. Awassa bomber is the size of the larger plane in picture #1.
    Monkeylord is the size of the smaller plane in picture #1
    (yeah that small,itty,bitty, plane in the corner of the picture there.If you can not see it do not feel bad,it has cloak too)

    So who has better eye-sight? He who misses a monkeylord, or he who misses an Awassa?

    Mason is very real.If you can not see him it is does not mean he does not exist ;)
    (Some people try to cover there own insecurities by saying that some people do not exist!)

  171. Could we keep the Thimble Tracker as just that? It has grown into yet another general discussion thread. I mean think about it, does the Thimble really want to talk about computer games? She would rather talk about risking life and limb at some non-sensical, useless task. SO lets try talking about that, shall we?

  172. HI ALL!! I am back! ( although you seem to be doing fine on your own). I am a bit surprised at the state of this page. I thought it would be left vacant on my little vacation, but I was wrong I see.
    I had a great time at home! It was really nice to see some of you and get to do some much loved (like a nice woods adventure!!)
    After travelling over 3,000 miles this summer, over several states, (2,000 or so of that with no air conditioner. It was 98 in the van at one time. UG!)  doing a tun of school, meeting so many new people I cant count them, I don't feel like the same person that left home! But...hhhh...some things never change...   Hunter: Thanks, that sounds great!! You first! (just go clime a tree and fall out.  It works every time and then you will have a story to tell! ) Rennuke: Oh, thank you for taking care of Archie well I am gone. Please take some picks. I want to see if she is getting enough to eat.(: Gryphon: This makes me think of "the emperors   new clothes" heh... no comment. 

  173. What everyone does not realize in the story of the Emperor's new clothes is that the weavers that made the clothes were actually time traveling tailors from the future.When they received kindness from the emperor,they made him a futuristic,Nanoweave, transparent,robe that would have transformed into any type of clothing that one could think of, but the emperor did not know how to use it so it looked like he had nothing on.

    the end

  174. wow no wonder every one thought they were third rate crooks it's hard to tell the differents now!

  175. Ok ok, am I really THAT boring!
    Hmmm, what to post on... today I did a lot of school, in my room, only went out to eat, and hardly saw a person all day... the end. Ok, I am THAT boring!

  176. I want one of these to drive around the dirt roads here!! Any buddy with me?! This is a logistical question. Please feel free to post picks of vehicles that YOU would drive around on a dirt road.
    (this is me trying to get people active!)  

  177. I worked all week.....then came home and slept. How's that for boring? 
    @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus DID anyone go with you? HMMM? And how about a F150? Or Hummer? Or....a battle van! (I'll bet those have plenty of room for passengers. :)

  178. For all those who can not see the picture, I would want to go down a bumpy road on a unicycle in a santa suit while playing the bag pipes :)
    (just try and get that mental picture out of your head)

  179. Oooh!! This is what I would ride down a dirt road!! It would be so fun!!

    Except it might get a little dusty, but I would bring some sort of dust mask with me, and sunglasses or something. Admit it're jealous of my ride :P

  180. Eri"K"a: I was sure you would ride a Penguin!! You have BETRAYED the Penguin!! *thunder*  

  181. How exactly does one "ride" a penguin? The big ones are only like 100 pounds, I imagine they're hard to hang on to, and they like cool and wet climates, not dirt roads. Of course, that's not to say I wouldn't have a penguin-pulled sleigh in the winter... :)

  182. Erika Snell :penguin?(please explain the undoubtedly humorous story behind that:)

  183. Hmmmm. I'd haft to decide between a Unimog, SRAT or a horse. in case you doint know what those are here are some pics. 
    no1 SPRAT
    no2 Unimog
    no3 Horse. :)

  184. Rennuke: I really like all three! 

  185. I'd have to go with a horse.  BAREBACK! Beautiful, black, glistening stallion. Spirited, but gentle.We start of on a walk, then a trot, soon we're cantering, and then we move into a full out gallop! I close my eyes, lean forward and clutch his main. I feel his muscles rippling beneath me, and my hair is streaming out behind me. The dust is swirling as we skim over the ground. It's almost like flying!

  186. Or maybe I'd like to ride a lion, like Susan and Lucy rode Aslan!

  187. Jump on Erika!

  188. Hehe Thim! That's great! Isn't he a cute little guy though? Reminds me of Mary Poppins. :)

  189. ok ok, back to life. Well I played V-ball last night, took a dive for the ball (don't remember if I hit it of not) and came out in the end with a nice deep bleeding wound on my knee. 
    I did't learn  my lesson, so I went and played again tonight, so now my knee is oozing and red. I think I need to not bend my knee for a bit, ug!
    Other then painful knees... Lots of school... SATURDAY I did 25 pages !!   

  190. Owwww!!!! Thimble! I'M the one that's supposed to get all the wounds! Take care of yourself girl, or I'm gonna have to come up there and keep an eye on you! Not that I'd be much help. Heh. I shoveled my foot last night. :)

  191. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus You know that I've got to say it....Start wearing knee pads. that I've got that out of my system I'll say this: I like the athleticism. You wouldn't believe how many people won't even so much as bend over to hit the ball much less kiss the ground for a dig!! So kudos to you for doing it! Here's something for you to try: Return a either a hard driven spike or a jump serve, whilst laying out full length in the air and landing on a tile gymnasium floor. Afterwards, let me know how your whole body feels. :)
    P.S. Have you ever set anybody yet? 

  192. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b:disqus  Nice! like the hunter said some people won't even move,much less take a dive,but while were on the diving subject I was playing a game with my cousins and this 80 year old guy gets a lucky bump and just puts it over the net so I go sprawling (in the supposed SAND that was more like gravel) I get to the ball in midair, and pop it up as hard as i can so i land with a loud thud and roll over to see what happend, but all i see is this guy behind me with his hands around his face and the volley ball at his feet , but hey it's the effort that count's.   

  193. I don't hurt myself when I play outdoor things. I hurt other people. Haven't knocked anybody out yet, but I guess there are always other chances. :P

  194. Gryphon: The Penguin hearkens back to a day when I was still in highschool, got bored while doing English (or was it ACE history?) and discovered that I can draw penguins. And I've been pretty much obsessed ever since.

    (And because I can hear the outburst coming now at me even suggesting that boredom is possible when one is doing history, I will state that those of you who don't think it's possible have never done ACE history. :) )

    Thimble: Michelangelo misses you!!! We need to go visit him when you get back!

  195. Sheldon the egg is sitting on a hill.
       "I wonder if there is intelligent life on other planets." he wonders to himself.
      Roy pops his head up, "Shut up, you stupid egg! I'm trying to watch Binky's Circus on the tv!"
      Sheldon goes back to his musing, "I wonder if there is intelligent life on this planet.

    By the way, I can naturally not take credit for this joke. It is too lame and I read it somewhere.

  196. oh no, my page is turning into a joke thread again. I guess I am just that boring...*sigh*
    Well... I got a call today and was just a little freaked out because the person had a really strong India accent! I was like what in the world who knows me that is from India!!! I got it after a minute, but it was a bit strange at first. It turned out it was one of the kids from church seeing if I would come play V-ball and go swimming. I didn't go swimming because of my knee, but I DID play V-ball. (tried not to do any dives though:)    
    Erika: Are you talking about Archibalddeness?! Or am I forgetting something?Xiphilinus: Trust  me, I hurt myself AND others when I play out side games. Just ask Chey!Douse your last name start with a" B"  by any chance?Hunter: Knee pads are for wimped! (ok, just watch, I will come home wearing a pair!) Thay takes the fun out of the game though:)   Ouch...if that was you you were talking about I feel for you man! Yes I have set several people, but I can always use some more practice.Phoenix: Haha, Yea your right it IS the effort that counts. Several times (more than I would like to admit) I have ended up hitting MYSELF in the head,or face, trying to hit the ball over the net. *Sigh* I WANT TO PLAY V-BALL WHEN I AM 80!!! AWESOME!!     

  197. Oh, yeah, I've a few Thimble stories. So, I trust you. No my last name does not start withe a "B".

  198. @8108ebcfc64c5b47bdfb4ff7b84dff8b Hehe. Yup! I can vouch for you. :)