Thursday, September 13, 2012


Well this is from a bit back but it more or less somes up our Day of rest

Well the one guy got in the way but it WAS a pic of us spralled all over the ground "mostly sleeping "
Most of  the people in pic are from the costoum department. From the left is Andrew who whair's SWAT boots and tactical pants 24/6 this was sunday so he's in cargows and snercers  the guy bloking the frame is Levi  he is Always in cosutm usaly like what he's in here but sometimes he gose Hilender. "-"
Moving on...
On the far right is Hope I'm not sure how she got here shes mostly normal well ecsept for .....and then there's...... well there's a Big difrents betwen mostly normal and all normal .
 I'm afraid I can't make out whos who in the bloob of people behind Levi but that gives you the Idea
Yuo can tlel I'm whgintg tihs late at nhgit :) well I'll have more for you guys later if anyone wants to know something spasific about the progect feal free to ask.
Ps. it would be nise if some one from back home posted some thing so I could see whats going on back there .

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Not eveything on the set is all fun and games luckaly the police in this pic weren't after us were arn't sure who thay were after but after we called the random Camaro convertable on the side of the rode with two lisence plates that had difrent numbers. The police showed up and handcufed the guy who sphowed up and was trying to tow it away. thats when we lest :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Tomarow is the big day...... filming will go for 9 weeks I'll just post one pic to night but I hope to have more for you guys tomarow.
This is us texturizing foam with a  wier brush later it will  be panted later to make it look like wood.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

LIVE from the set

Hay ever one! day after tomarow we start shooting  so things are geting hyped up around here I'm going to try and post some thing ever day. I was going to post a pic but I for got my cable sooooooo...... I'll haft to do that to marow.