Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My 2 bits worth

This true story I heard the other day was so good I just have to share it.
 It was an experience that a zookeeper had. You see the zoo was receiving a dainty, beautiful new black rhino named (there’s got to be a story behind this) Twinkle Toes. Her ladyship arrived in a huge crate that had to be trucked across the zoo then hosted by crane in to their rhino exhibit. Only problem being it seems the lady had a delicate constitution at least for a rhino. She had gotten quite aggregated on the journey there, all the strange sounds and smells the shadows sweeping across her (rhinos have very poor eyesight so they rely heavily on hearing and smell) and the shock of being moved from one truck to another had pushed her to the breaking point, she began to shake and quiver all her senses where screaming that she was in mortal peril that she HAD to get out of that box NOW! So she started to smash her ton and a haft of feminine muscle against the walls of her prison. The work men yelled to the crane operator “you’d better do this one fast! “  Well he did the best he could but you can only move an animal that big so fast safely. As he hoisted her in to the air wood started to crack, over the pen wall fasteners popped loose, the zoo keepers’ healed their breath as wood splintered and braces fell off. Still ten feet in the air she crashed through the last vestiges of the crate’s wall and sent it crashing down. A tear streaked face emerged and looked down at the ground. Now that might not sound so dangerous but to a rhino a ten foot drop is all most certain death. When you weigh 3000lbs the impact of a leap like that would crush your internal organs. Tears further reduced her already pore vision and her small bran was panic stricken, was she even able to realize not to jump? At 8ft she still stood there. 6ft …...5 . At 4ft she jumped, fell with all the grace of a bolder and landed with a sickening thud. Her audience gasped even a 4ft drop could cause potentially fatal injuries. After a moment she shakily got to her feet apparently unhurt, but she was still shaking, crying and obviously terribly afraid. The fall had only increase the stress she was under and as she looked around her eye fell on a nearby bolder, she charged. The impact was so great it knocked her off her feet and shoved the huge rock back a few inches. As she got up she saw another bolder and charged this one again knocking herself off her feet. This time she got up more slowly just standing there, quivering with terror. They to the horror of the watching keepers she started to glisten red. You see when some animals reach the absolute total limit of fright there capillaries actually start to explode, causing them to sweat blood. This means our rhino was beyond running in circles screaming, beyond fainting, she was on the edge of literally scaring herself to death. All the zoo keeps could do was watch hoping she would calm down. Eventually she did and after a few days she was ok, in fact I’m guessing that when she met the dashing young gentlemanly rhino she probably toted her traumatic experience like a crown jewel. And I’m sure they both lived happily ever after.
What struck me about that story was at no time (except as a direct result of her own doing) was she ever in danger. All she had to do was nothing and she would have been fine. Even though from her prospective her vary existence was on the line and she KNEW she HAD to do something NOW !! She used all the knowledge and wisdom she had then tried with all her might to do what she figured out the best cores of action was herself.  I can’t help but think we must look kind of like that rhino to God. When we see that problem or that stressed relationship or new intolerable law we think ‘We’ve got to do something to fix this!” God has us right where he wants us and our responds is “ AAAAAAAAAA!!!! I’ve GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!” The Bible talks about Jesus holding us in His hand and God covers us with His wings. We need to remember that God has us where we are for a reason maybe for us maybe for someone else or to glorify Him but He knows where we are and we are as safe there as  it is possible to be. That said remember “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Now please I’m not saying we aren’t supposed to take the bull by the horns, go against the flow esc. We just need to make sure we’re doing it because it’s what God wants us to be doing not because it makes scents at the time.
Well that’s my 2 bits worth for the day hope I didn’t bore you.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Please respond !!

Ok the Snells are doing a bridle shower for Jess on the 2 of March and they want us to keep Kevin from being bored to oblivion while he is awaiting his beloved to be's return so I'm thinking " this is awkward I don't know him that well." when the solution presented it self we should have another guy's game night and just invite him so would you guys be available to one that day ?

Monday, February 11, 2013

what will happen next ?

The FFA is a law that declares that Congress can’t regulate any firearms made and retained in-state, ’cause it’s beyond Congress’ authority to regulate intra-state commerce.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


This is what you call an eventuality. I received an email telling me the old style of Disqus will no longer be supported and will automatically be switched. So I just switched it myself. You can still get the newest comments first be clicking the discussion option and selecting newest in order to display the newest comments first.