Monday, May 23, 2011

The American Economic Solution

I do not think that anyone would argue that America is in a very dire strait.(politically,economically,socially,and morally)I would like to ask anyone who wants to,to post about their solution to our recent Economic woes.

The Gryphon Solution 1.a

The first thing we need to do is to lower taxes,perhaps abolish income tax altogether.As we lower taxes we would also cut broken government bureaucracy(i.e:Medicare,USFDA,Welfare etc....).The second thing that would be needed is the allowance of the use of the Alaskan oil pockets,which would drive oil prices lower,but as the Alaskan oil is being used to lower prices incentives could be utilized to promote the construction and diversification of renewable energy.Tariffs would be employed on all foreign product coming into the country,but tax breaks would be given to those that trade at a profit in foreign markets.Companies that increase domestic employment would be given further incentive.Any company that has more than 50% of it's properties in other nations would have a 50% increase in tariff cost increasing as the percentage increases.(The same applies to the employee rate.)

This is my opinion,please feel free to disagree or point out flaws in my reason.(note that this is a 1.a,I am open to revisions if someone has better ideas)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Benefits of the Obama Administration

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but really, think about it for a minute the only other option was Mikcan who seamed like another Bush the lessor of two evils if he had won things would have keep going on as they were taxes going up Government getting bigger things in general getting more liberal and every body could have blamed every thing on the conservatives
BUT with Obama in charger he is pushing everything WAY faster then 95 % of people what so now every one siting on the fents is getting shaken-off, the Democrats are reeling in shock at there Ideas actually being carried out.

Well " Friends Americans countryman lend ME YOUR THOUGHTS!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

French and Indian Wars

When a force is moving and hits a stationary object friction occurs,this is more or less the same on the international scale.In 1754 A.D The "civilized" world became embroiled in what would become known as the Seven Years War;the part of the War that was waged on the American continent was known as the French and Indian War.

The English colonies in America had been expanding at a breakneck speed,and that growth brought them into conflict with the French territories.(mainly Ohio,Canada,and Nova Scotia)
In response to English advancement the French constructed a line of forts along the Appalachian mountains,and recruited Indian tribes to assist their war efforts.Thus prepared,the governor-general of New France(after an unresolved round of negotiations)sent troops to occupy the fertile Ohio territory.The governor of Virgina(whom had invested large sums of money into the Ohio Company)sent out a expedition led by George Washington to take control of a newly built British fort which would serve as a logistical center for a larger push into Ohio. Unbeknownst to Major Washington,Fort Duquesne had been captured by French forces. Washington found out the hostile nature of the fort when he tangled with a French scouting party.After the skirmish the British forces moved to create a new base in which to await reinforcements,but was defeated after the French attacked.The defeat cased the provisional governments of the American colonies to pressure Britain to dispatch Major-General Braddock, which would have broken the stalemate in the British's favor.The French however got wind of Britain's plans and dispatched over six regiments of troops to America.The unexpected presence of extra French troops caused the destruction of Braddock's army.The unexpected consequence of this defeat was that the French acquired a copy of the British battle plans,allowing the French to destroy or blunt any major British invasion during the year of 1955.The war became stalemated,until a new Prime Minister came to office and ordered a three prong attack.(1Quebec
(2 fort Duquesne(3 louisberg.#2 #3 were successful in conquest,these victories were the first in a string of victories which eventually culminated in the French suing for peace in the Treaty of Paris.

The French and Indian War had far reaching effects on the country.The war began the first stirrings of nationalism among the colonies,it also caused a sense of distrust to sprout in the colonies pertaining to their mother country(which had blundered the first years of the war),and the last and perhaps greatest effect the war was it allowed George Washington to advance in the Army and the colonies themselves.

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