Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Greatest World Leaders In History

Here is a question.Who was the greatest leader in history?I mean there is probably many different
ways to look at all of them,and lots of good leaders but who do you think was the Best.

In my opinion the greatest leader was Genghis Khan. The man forged a nomadic people into one of the greatest armies of the world,creating one of (if not the) largest Empires in history!While Genghis was in command the Empire was organized, and expanding.He even wrote out the Great Yasa.(disputably the only true Meritocracy in the World)

comments anyone?
P.S:feel free to disagree

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bushido vs Chivalry

Readers,Scholars,and Friends, I would invite you to contribute to this noble post's goal,to put to rest through methodical argument these controversies!

Question #1:Which was "better", Japanese Bushido or Christendom's Chivalry?
Question #2:Which was more closely adhered to?
Question #3:Was one more sincere than the other?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sword No.1

Well I guess patience is a virtue that I need to improve on, I was going to wait and write this after I did some more research but I’m getting to impatient so here it goes.
I must start by expressing my opinion that Gyphon is wrong and that oriental sword fighting can’t be summed up in Japanese swordsmanship I think that it would be more accurate to compare  swordsmanship to food. Allow  me to explain. Think about it . EVERY culture and people and clan and tribe have some similarities . They ALL eat food. But that is at a basic basic level . Consider the enormous differences between say modern western and eastern food. But what a minute, we don’t eat what the French eat nether do the Germens or the Poles  or the English. But even in the U.S. there is gigantic differences in our diet there is Midwestern, Southern,  New England and even Indian if you will. But look at New England there is New Hampshire and Massachusetts clam chowder that even use most of the same ingredients and are nothing like each other.  Any great chef could discover the best Massachusetts clam chowder the world has ever known and make it his own. Chowder connoisseurs would folk to him, and after his death all his “disciples” would start their own schools  of the “Real chef so-and-so’s  chowder and  there would be endless variations JUST ON his CHOWDER!! Now, I said all that to say this. Swordsmanship is just like that. Almost every people that I can think of have had some version of the sword from the Aztecs and Zulu to the China and the Philippines and like with the food  each group used what they had and what they came up with developed from their culture  and environment. Then the swords and the swordsmanship evolved based on who and what their enemies were and of corers what their enemies fought and protected themselves with. So every time you have a division of some kind or a great sword master  you could get a new branch of the sword family, even if the variation was very slight, like chef so-and-so’s chowder it would have the potential to have INFINITE variations just on that particular sword. That’s in theory,  but in reality the human body can only move in so many ways and only so many of THEM are practical and although you would get the occasional  master or people who live the sword, most people don’t what to  bet there life on an experiment so you wouldn’t actually get exponential differences, but you would get continual change, with some swords becoming useless as a main battle weapon and eventually cease to be used and would fade it to history. The result of the process I have just described is the endless variety of swords and the mindboggling ways of using each type of them. So let’s talk about some specific  specimens. In my world view civilization started in the fertile crescent,so I assume that the sword began there as well.
To be continued….